Baseball - MLB - MLB : les Braves prennent le large, les Rays y sont presque

Baseball – MLB – MLB: Braves take off, the rays are almost there

The Atlanta Braves beat the Los Angeles Dodgers again and led 2-0 in the series. The Rays have chained a third win in a row against the Astros and are one win away World Series. By winning for the third time in a row against the Houston Astros, 5-2, the Tampa Bay Rays are just a victory in the American League title, synonymous with qualifying for World Series 2020. Once again very calmly, the Rays only needed one set, the sixth, to score 5 points and take cover for the rest of the match. As a reminder, the rays no longer went on World Series since 2008, where they had lost by four wins to one against the Philadelphia Phillies.

The fourth match is played night to Wednesday to Thursday. Big favorite for the final victory, the Dodgers still led two victories to zero in this final in the National League. For good reason, the Atlanta Braves have so far finished their series with a new 8-7 victory tonight. The Dodgers missed just one last flag to take the lead, but Braves pitcher Mark Melancon kept on and the Dodgers had to settle for a second loss for just one point.

Game 3 will take place night through Wednesday to Thursday, an already crucial game for the LA Dodgers. In fact, only one team in MLB history has managed to win after leading 3-0 in the series, a feat the Boston Red Sox achieved in 2004 against the New York Yankees.

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