Baseball Intermingles With Italian Opera At ONEOK Field

Baseball mixes with Italian opera on the ONEOK field

Friday 9. October 2020, 08:56

By: Cal Day

Tulsa Opera will be at the center of Tulsa Driller’s ONEOK field when they combine Rigoletto’s performance with a touch of baseball.

The organizers said that this is the first major opera of its kind to take place in the United States since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The event moved to the ONEOK field after the Tulsa Performing Arts Center could not be hosted.

Tulsa Opera artistic director Tobias Picker said the event will be filled with entertainment and emotion.

“I think the audience needs to be prepared,” Picker said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun; it mixes baseball and Italian opera. ”

Morris Robinson-eve made his first trip to Tulsa. He will be one of the cast in the show.

“It’s really amazing that we’re trying to find a creative way to present live music to an audience,” Robinson said.

Subtitles will be available on the screens to follow the Italian music. There will be security protocols in place, including mask requirements and placement.

The event begins at 7.30 pm on Friday.

Tickets can be found at Tulsa Opera website.

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