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The baseball lexicon resumes the usual terms used in the various conversations or phases of the game. It can be a tool for research or commentary and publication of articles about baseball.

Although the exact terminology comes from English, there are many countries, such as Swiss where in Canada, use these French terms. For this reason, the lists below include terms translated from French to English and from English to French.

Terms marked with

are the ones mainly used in France. They must be privileged in the articles. If neither of the two terms (French or English) is marked, it means that both words are used equally well.[modifier | modifier le code]

  • ON Outside or
  • for the opposite reason: gone
  • Shelter for players: taste Give a base on the ball
  • : to go a mess
  • Get to a base : to make a base Bat roads
  • : a donut or
  • bat weight on deck Alternate or exchange:
  • to peloton Damping or dead blow
  • : bundle Amortized in the territory of fake balls
  • : ugly bundle
  • Mute sacrifice :ofre bunt
  • Pillow (balls) : to bundle (the ball)
  • Advertise (a ball or a strike )
  • : to call (a ball or a strike) Dead ball appeal
  • : dead ball appeal Marble judge :
  • chief executive or record judge Basedommer
  • : judge base “Stop!”
  • or ” Break ! ” :
  • “Time!”
  • Shortstop : card stop
  • Ace : ace Assistance
  • : assist
  • Attack :
  • offended Now first base : to reach the first base Now a base or win a goal : to move forward based
  • Volleyball : catch in motion Catch
  • : catch
  • Catch or defend or play in defense
  • or to retrieve or
  • relay :

to field[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Catch regularly or catch legally : valid catch Catch a volleyball [des joueurs]
  • : to catch a ball in motion Around the rhombus
  • : around the horn
  • (talking about one double handling starting from the third based towards the first)Advanced
  • : a management Proceeding
  • : to advance B General fights
  • : fight or more precisely
  • bench-clearing fights (fight “there the benches tom “)
  • Crazy cool : break the ball
  • Buet ball curve ball
  • Ball in play :
  • fair ball (as opposed to a ugly ball

)[modifier | modifier le code]

Slingshot bullet[modifier | modifier le code]

:[modifier | modifier le code]

  • split-finger fastball or forkball
  • Smooth ball : the slider
  • Butterfly ball
  • :knokeball Ball passed :passed ball Fast ball : fastball
  • Corkscrew ball : screwball

Falling ball[modifier | modifier le code]

  • : sinks Battery box
  • : the mixing boxUS D E Lift
  • : bullpen
  • Spring training or training camp
  • : our training Paler
  • : paler Batting exercise , batting trainingor
  • convenient ( Anglicism
  • ) batting :
  • stroke training , often abbreviated as BP Expulsion

[modifier | modifier le code]

  • : ejection In danger
  • : fare F Arrow
  • : a line operation

[modifier | modifier le code]

Irregular feint[modifier | modifier le code]

,[modifier | modifier le code]

  • illegal feint , illegal shame :

balk[modifier | modifier le code]

Ambidextrous hitter[modifier | modifier le code]

[modifier | modifier le code]

:[modifier | modifier le code]

change hitter[modifier | modifier le code]

Hitter[modifier | modifier le code]

power[modifier | modifier le code]

  • : power hitter Designated hitter

[modifier | modifier le code]

or[modifier | modifier le code]

  • hitter of choice :
  • designated hitter (DH) Alternative hitter
  • :
  • pinch hitter (verb:

to pinch here[modifier | modifier le code]

  • ) Hit
  • :
  • to hit (the ball) Hitter
  • :
  • stir or hit Fake ball : ugly ball
  • G Baseball glove
  • :
  • baseball glove Rear net
  • : backstop

[modifier | modifier le code]

  • boss
  • : boss
  • I J
  • L Diamond
  • : diamond
  • (with reference to the shape of the infield of a baseball field) M
  • O P
  • R S
  • T V
  • Voltigeur or outside player:
  • outside player Z
  • ON Advance:

proceeding[modifier | modifier le code]

Assist:[modifier | modifier le code]

assistance (in defense)[modifier | modifier le code]

  • For bats: presence when batting / home plate
  • Gone: outside
  • BBases on balls:

goals on balls[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Baserunner: runs
  • Bar: irregular feint
  • Ballbinge: baseball stadium

Base:[modifier | modifier le code]

  • goal or
  • based Blown storage:
  • quarrel or sabotage. It’s the fact that a pitcher in relief in a rescue situation releases the advantage in the score his team had when he came in. Boxscore:
  • result sheet Breaking ball:
  • crazy bullet Bullpen:

heating track or enclosure for auxiliary throwers. By extension, all relief throwers.[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Bundle: padded
  • US Call:
  • announce Call a ball:

announce a “ball”[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Call strike: announce a “take”

Carousel:[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Carousels Catcher:

receiver[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Capture on aircraft: flight stop

Captured theft:[modifier | modifier le code]

  • withdrawn in attempted theft (target) Centerfield:
  • midfield Change:
  • speed change ball Coach:
  • instructor Comebacker:
  • ball hit in arrow directly on the pitcher Curveball:
  • curve ball D

E[modifier | modifier le code]

  • FForeball: a bouncing ball
  • Wrong ball: fake ball Full number : full account G Game:
  • a fight Glove:
  • a glove Gold glove:
  • Gold glove. Award for best defender in his post.H

Home record:[modifier | modifier le code]

  • Inside the park’s home run: internal circuit. The attacker hits the ball within the boundaries of the field and manages to go around the goals without the defense having time to remove it.
  • Intervention : disturbance – obstacle (player, referee, audience)
  • K Knoke ball:
  • butterfly ball L
  • Line operation: an arrow
  • M Make an out:
  • make a withdrawal P
  • Pick-off cast: Throw to a base to put out an advanced runner

Pinch hitter:[modifier | modifier le code]

emergency hit / bays / bays[modifier | modifier le code]

Pinch runner:[modifier | modifier le code]

  • emergency runner / substitute / substitute Pitch:
  • a throw Throws:

a launch vehicle[modifier | modifier le code]

Pitchers pile: pile R RBI: Product point Relieves or pitches relief: a lifter or relief pitcher Beginner: beginner player Running: point Run scored: point marked S Save: a save Score: position of marking Shift: defensive displacement Silver Slugger: silver stick. Award to the best offensive player on the post Sinker: diving ball Slugger: slugger Split finger fastball: a bouncing ball Squeeze play: squeeze Strike (verb): correct throw in the catch zone Strike (noun): taken Strike zone: grip area Strike out: withdrawal on (3) outlets Swing: stick movement TUW Go: a goal on balls World Series: World Series Z

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