Baseball Laval happy with the 2020 season

Baseball Laval happy with the 2020 season

Despite the doubts that remained at the beginning of the season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Baseball Laval said that it was satisfied with the assessment until the summer of 2020.

“In April, a survey of parents revealed to us that at least 75% of them intended to register their child in baseball this summer, even with the sanitary measures,” said Christian Cyr, president of Baseball Laval. . Finally, we had a re-registration rate of 93%, one of the best in Quebec. ”

A total of 844 young people played baseball on the Laval fields during the summer. Of these, there are 102 girls, which is an increase of 19 from the previous year.

All these baseball players were distributed among the five regular Laval associations, namely Delta, Laval-Est, Laval-Nord, Vimont-Auteuil and Tornades (women’s baseball).

“Thanks to the work of our volunteers and the proactivity of our Federation, we were able to have a season in 2020. We can therefore say that we have achieved missions!” Adds Mr. Cyr.


Several measures were implemented to ensure the safety of young people in this special context.

Baseball Laval had specifically asked each team to rely on a Monsieur Net or Madame Net. This person had to verify that each player had his own equipment, his own water bottle and immediate disinfectant. She also made sure that young people answered health questions before going out into the field.

This strategy has paid off, as no outbreak of COVID-19 has been identified during the 2020 season.

All the strategies used could also be back next year, depending on how the situation in Quebec develops.

Individual trophies

Around thirty players, coaches, volunteers and officials were rewarded at the end of the season which was held online on October 24.

Among them, let’s note Félix Luneau (Laval-Nord), William Delcourt (Vimont-Auteuil) and Alonso Vivas (Laval-Est) who are the Rallye Cap players to the highest degree in their respective association.


(Photo courtesy of Steven Desaulniers)

Baseball Laval also wanted to honor three prominent volunteers who excelled in the quality of their commitment to baseball.

They rewarded Carole Brochu, responsible for custom baseball in the region for several years, Sylvain Mayrand, coach and coach for coaches in the Laval region, as well as Pascal Doré, coach for coaches and coaches with young people from the youth centers.

To find out all the recipients of this evening, go to The Laval organization’s website.

Winter camps

Note that all winter camps have been suspended for the time being due to the restrictions in the red zone.

Baseball Laval will follow the authority’s guidelines and inform parents about the development.

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