Le baseball, c’est pour bientôt!

Baseball is coming soon!

This season, the Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville Minor Baseball Association will send around 210 ball players to the field. A marked increase compared to last year.

With 207 members registered at the time of writing, the Saint-Bruno Minor Baseball Association reports an increase of 87 players, including 35 more in the rally-cap category. The rally cap is dedicated to learning the basics of baseball for children aged 4 to 7 years.

Record in modern times

These figures represent a 70% total increase and a 100% increase for rally cap. “In the modern era of baseball in Saint-Bruno, this is a record year for registrations,” said the association’s president, David Trépanier, pleased.

To explain this leap in membership, David Trépanier specifically claims that people were looking for a sport to train for children. ” They were tan autumn and winter inactivity. Baseball fits well into the concept of distancing. But we also launched a great marketing campaign to get people talking about us. Then the volunteers who were in place last year did a good job with the rally cap, he says.

“In the modern era of baseball in Saint-Bruno, this is a record year for registrations. »-David Trépanier

For this category, rally-cap, there are many children who responded last season who have made friends follow them this year. Hence the 35 newcomers.

“At all levels there are new players. The goal is to introduce them to the great sport of baseball. It was also a good job to prepare for the season, but that is because their development will take place, the current principal continues.
The organization of Saint-Bruno Blue Sox will present 14 teams, including 4 in the U-9 category, 5 in the U-11 and 3 in the U-13. The U-15 and U-18 categories will have one team each.

Girls at the U-11 level will form two women’s clubs in the new Quebec Women’s Baseball League. This will allow them to play with and against girls without having to join male groups. “This is a first,” says David Trépanier proudly.

Matches in mid-June

The associations are still in the training camp period, with groups of eight athletes and a coach to monitor them outside. This is what is allowed by the Department of Public Health. From 11 June, groups of 25 can be supervised. According to Baseball Quebec, the season begins on June 14. “It is the date that is being promoted. But we depend on what public health determines … but the numbers are encouraging, Mr Trépanier recalls. Baseball had already had a good season last year. For this summer, we expect at least the same. “

The deco-financing plan announced earlier this week, we must admit that Baseball Quebec was right. In fact, from June 14, all team sports outside will be able to resume.

When asked what this return of baseball represents, Montarvillois answers that it is comforting. “I live very close to Jolliet Park. People meet in the park. I see the young people gathered on the ground. It’s a relief. Children and parents are happy that young people can finally return to team sports. The atmosphere is festive, it is palpable. “

But the game plan for 2021 has not yet started, and within the Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville Minor Baseball Association there is always room to welcome new athletes, especially in U-13 and some girls in U-11

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