Baseball history unpacked, May 21st

Baseball history unpacked, May 21st

… on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Bleed Cubbie Blue gives you one kids-centric look at baseball’s long and colorful past. Here’s a handy timeline for the Cubs, to help you follow as we go through selected clips from the big movie of Chicago Cubs and Major League Baseball history.

Today in baseball history:

  • 1892 – Behind Bill Hutchison, Chicago wins its 13th straight game, 1-0, over Pud galvin and Pirates. Galvin gives only two hits in the loss, none before the eighth round. The stretch will stop the next day. (3)
  • 1901Andrew Freedman, destroyed owner of the giants, accusations judge Billy Nash on incompetence and prevents him from Polo Grounds. Tea Pirates’ Sjefsimmer and the giants John Warner is forced to do business. Christy mathewson then wins his 7th straight, 2-1, but his pointless streak stops at 39 laps when the Bucs score an unearned run in 9th place. (2,3,4)
  • 1907 – After Three-finger brown and Christy mathewson connect to a pitched duel, with Chicago ace winning, 3-2, and New York falling out of first place as Matty’s battery mat Roger bresnahan makes two mistakes to make Mathewson lose his first of the year, players must form a protective ring around referees Hank O’day and Bob emslie. Pinkerton protects firing shots in the air and tries to disperse unruly fans who have spilled on the Polo Grounds field. Audiences are being egged on by manager John McGraw, who is being thrown out of action seven times this year. (1) Box score (3). Good if you are NYT-under {$}. This is cheaper if you do not need the original.
  • 1927 – Tea kids move into first place in National League when a 9-run ninth round gives them an 11-6 win and the double-headed sweep on Brooklyn. Chicago takes the opening, 6-4. For the second day in a row, a controversial conversation – this one off Frank Wilson – makes the fans stop the game. (1.3)
  • 1936 – Tea Phillies resume Chuck small, from kids, together with P Fabian Kowalik and one reported $ 50,000, for P Curt Davis and OF Ethan Allen. Klein strikes. 294 this year for the Cubs. (3)
  • 1948 – On Polo Grounds, den Fighting drop another 8 – 3 decision kids. New York rookie The Layton, in his first major league at-bat, hits a pinch of homer in the 9th round Johnny Schmitz. (3)
  • 1955 – IN Milwaukee, kids throws Warren hacker loses no-hitter when he gives up another one-out 9th inning home run George Crowe. Hacker is about to win, 2-1. (3)
  • 1957 – Boston baseball writers refuse a seat to confirm the decision to exclude women from Fenway Park’s only male pressure box. Doris O’Donnell, a feature writer who follows the Indians. (1)
  • 1968 – The kids climb over the .500 mark for the first time all season with a 6-5 win over Phillies. Chicago Billy Williams sets new record for outfielders by playing his 695th straight game. (2.3)
  • 1993 – BJ Birdie, mascot of Toronto Blue Jays, is thrown out from Toronto’s fight against Minnesota of judges Jim McKean after making gestures that the judge finds offensive. The Blue Jays lost the match, 2-1. (3)
  • 1996 – Tea Phils’ Terry mulholland defeat Padres, 5-4. Mulholland, who came into the game with the third lowest batting average in the history of a player with 400 strokes, a 407-foot home run in the second half Sean bergman. As Mulholland explains, “Most big power hitters do not hit for a high average.” (3)
  • 1999 – In a long-rumored move, it twins finally trade Rick aguilera, together with minor league P Scott Downs, to kids for smaller league pitchers Jason Ryan and Kyle lohse. The day after, Cubs reliever Rod Beck undergoing arthroscopic surgery on the elbow. (3)
  • 2005 – For yours interleague play with Athletics, den Fighting tribute to Juan Marichal by inaugurating a nine-foot bronze statue outside SBC Park. “The Dominican Dandy,” which slung to San Francisco from 1960 to 1973join Willie Mays and Willie McCovey as former players to have statues made in their honor in the city. (1)
  • 2009 – The letter “I” on the Big Mac Land sign at Busch Stadium is knocked out by Albert Pujol’s first round by Sean Marshall in the Cardinals’ 3-1 win over Chicago. During a match, if a cardinal player hits a home run Big Mac Land, built in the left field stand (section 272) as a tribute to Mark McGwire, everyone in the game has the right to redeem the ticket to a free Big Mac at all participating fast food chain restaurants. (1)
  • 2011 – Use of uniforms from 1918 World Series, den kids scores eight races in the eighth round, and utilizes three Boston wrong, to win, 9-3, at Fenway Park. Two of the races score on a botched ran down of Alfonso Soriano, which accounts for two of the errors. To lose P Matt Albers gives up six runs without retiring a batter. The game is marred by an injury to the Cubs CF. Marlon Byrd, which gets more breaks when the prayer of Alfredo Aceves. (3)
  • 2012 – Rockies appetizer Jamie Moyer expands his big league record when he makes his debut at the newly opened Marlins Park, having thrown in 50 ball series in big series. The 49-year-old Southpaw started his career with a victory for Philadelphia at Wrigley Field in 1986.
  • 2014 – What does Unger ‘ Jeff Samardzija do you have to do to win? Today are the big leagues ERA leader throws seven pointless innings, goals Hector Rondon blows a 2-0 ninth inning against Yankees to submit the game extra laps. In the 13th, the Yankees pitcher Preston Claiborne lays down a perfect ofre bunt in its first appearance in major league records as part of a two-race rally, Jose veras throws a wild pitch to let in a first run and backup bumper John Ryan Murphy runs in another with a single as the Bronx Bombers end up at the top, 4-2. Samardzija is 0-4 despite 1.46 ERA. (3)

Cubs birthdays: Karl Spongberg, Dick department, El Tappe, Moe Thacker, Bob molinaro, Jacob Turner. Also noteworthy: Earl Averill HOF, Bobby cox COURT.

Common sources:

It is a very active baseball history community, and there are many facets to their views. We live for clarity. Let us know (nicely) if you feel an item is faulty and we will address the issue to the author (s), if possible.

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