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Baseball Hall of Fame and Woes of Curt Schilling
Baseball Hall of Fame and Woes of Curt Schilling

Baseball Hall of Fame and Woes of Curt Schilling

Baseball Hall of Fame and Woes of Curt Schilling

Imagine yourself instead of ex-pitcher Curt Schilling, who within a few months believes he has been subjected to threats that distorted the results of two choices that were particularly close to his heart. Like him, you will probably wonder where the world is going.

Curt Schilling at a Diamondbacks game in Arizona on August 3, 2018

© Jennifer Stewart / Getty Images
Curt Schilling at a Diamondbacks game in Arizona on August 3, 2018

Curt Schilling has won 216 victories and several awards for recognizing his community involvement during his distinguished career. Three times he finished second in the Cy-Young Trophy. He has also won the World Series three times.

His stats did not make him an automatic choice in the early years of Baseball Hall of Fame qualification. But after nine years, his record should normally have secured him his place in Cooperstown.

The catch is that baseball immortals are not selected solely based on their stats. The Hall of Fame also asks members of the Baseball Columnists Association of America to make their choices with “skills, integrity, sportsmanship, all human qualities and the player’s contribution to the success of the teams of which he has been a part“.

It is for this reason that mega-speedboats that have consumed doping products such as Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds have not yet managed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

And that is also why Schilling’s case is complicated. Although the actions he is accused of happened long after his career.

After retiring in 2009, Schilling invested all of his savings – $ 50 million – in starting a video game business. Then, three years later, after a career that earned him $ 115 million, he declared bankruptcy. And the following years were marked by several controversies.

In 2016, Curt Schilling was fired from his analyst job by ESPN for posting an extremely offensive image and comments directed at members of the LGBT community. Around this time, the legislator in North Carolina had just passed a law that prevented transgender people from using the toilet of their choice in public places.

The month before the dismissal, he had said on a radio that Hillary Clinton had to be “buried somewhere under a prisonFor the way she handled her emails.

Not to mention the fact that ESPN had previously suspended Schilling because he again, on a social network, broadcast material comparing Muslims to Nazis.

Also in 2016, Schilling published and described as funny the image of a t-shirt that promotes the lynching of journalists. He also fought for the Confederate flag, which is an important symbol of racial division and is associated with white supremacist movements in the United States.

When he has said something violent or discriminatory, Schilling has not sought to make amends. He continued with the audience arguing that he was right.

This was still the case a few weeks ago. Schilling justified the violence of the rebels who searched the Capitol, who attacked the police, and who tried to turn Joe Biden’s democratic election.

So, two days later, January 8, when we knew this the uprising had killed five people and that it had been largely encouraged by conspiratorial and white supremacist groups, Schilling put it back and wrote on the Speak platform: “It’s time, folks. The government, the mainstream media and fact-checkers are the three largest groups of liars in America. We are at the crossroads. We are not heading for a crossroads, and we are not approaching it, we are there.

Donald Trump's supporters storm the Capitol

Donald Trump’s supporters storm the Capitol

It is probably for these reasons that for the ninth year in a row Curt Schilling slammed his nose on the door of the Baseball Hall of Fame last Tuesday. However, this was not the real news.

The real news was that despite the hate speech he gave and defended, Schilling came a hair’s breadth from being hospitalized. He is also the player with the most votes (71.1%) among those whose names appeared on the ballot paper.

Given the social climate prevailing in the United States, imagine for a moment the unsustainable position the baseball world would have been in if Schilling had had a halo, and if we had felt obligated to provide him with important media forums and organize an induction ceremony like his. would have been the only headliner.

For MLB, which goes to great lengths to project a more inclusive image, such a scenario would prove very embarrassing.

The funny thing about this story is that after collecting 71.1% of the votes, Curt Schilling considers himself bullied by the voters because of his political opinions! He believes he was not included in the pantheon because he is a Republican, as if the hateful or discriminatory comments were political opinions.

Two so-called manipulated voices destroyed its existence within two months. Talk about a bad guy.

In a long letter that was posted on Facebook on Tuesday, he claims to have spoken from his heart and to be at peace with himself. And he reprimands journalists “to create a Curt Schilling that does not exist and has never existed“.

He also asks the leaders of the Baseball Hall of Fame to withdraw their name from the 2022 ballot paper, thereby waiving their final year of qualification. In baseball, players who do not achieve the required 75% of the vote during their 10 years of qualification can still be admitted accordingly. However, a select committee of major baseball veterans must make this decision.

I’m referring to the Veterans Committee, which is made up of men who are really capable of judging a player’s career.Curt Schilling ber.

Many observers want Baseball Hall of Fame leaders to deafen the ear for this unusual demand. They want him to stick to his rules and force Schilling to relive the same kind of frustration next year.

When you think about it, would not it be better if we complied with his request?

Curt Schilling has come very, very close to being picked up this year, and considering what he represents, it would be quite embarrassing to see journalists open the doors to Cooperstown for him next year. And if he did not collect 75% of the votes in 2022, his case would end up in the Veterans Committee anyway.

If Schilling believes that his candidacy and behavior will be considered more favorable by former players, he is doing well. But as an old English saying goes so well, you have to be careful about what you want in life. In the end, he may be quite surprised by his peers’ verdict.

And if the veterans were ever to prove him right by giving him the keys to the pantheon, it would be them who would carry the ugly. And that would be perfect too. After all, this is their pantheon.

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