Souriant, Hank Aaron tient une balle de baseball devant une foule qui l'acclame.

Baseball giant Hank Aaron has passed away

Originally from Alabama, Aaron is the last Black League player to play in major league baseball. He joined the Milwaukee Braves in 1954, a team that he quickly became successful with.

He won the league’s most valuable player title in 1957. The same year he won the World Series. He will follow the team when they move to Atlanta, where he will continue to terrorize opponents.

On four occasions during his career, he has finished top of the league in home races.

In 1974, he consolidated the legend. On April 8, Aaron narrowed the 715th home run of his career, breaking the record held by Babe Ruth. He went all the way to 755, a record that lasted until 2007, when Barry Bonds doubled him.

Ex-No.44 still has two MLB marks, with 2,297 RBIs and 6,856 goals. His 3,771 hits give him the third all-time overall, behind Pete Rose (4256) Ty Cobb (4189).

He ended his career in 1976 after defending Milwaukee Brewers colors in two campaigns. Cumulatively, he will have maintained a stroke average of .305.

The legacy he leaves behind goes beyond sports and records. Aaron has also been instrumental in combating racism in the Southern United States throughout his career. In particular, he received death threats while chasing the record of Ruth, an American icon.

Aaron in a few characters …

  • 3298 matches played (3rd in total in major history);
  • 2297 RBI (1.);
  • 755 home races (2nd).

The Hall of Fame opened for him in 1982. After joining Cooperstown, Hank Aaron was named Vice President of the Braves. He had then become one of the first blacks to have such a position in major league baseball.

Tribute flowing from everywhere

On Twitter, the baseball world quickly hailed the new deceased.

Analyst Ray Lalonde described him as the best hitter in history.

Former star David Ortiz described Aaron as the best ever.

For his part, Magic Johnson remembered that Hank Aaron was also a great businessman. The latter became the owner of a car dealership after retirement.

The YouTube channel also paid tribute to Aaron by broadcasting his famous 715th home run.

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