Baseball: Four other Quebecers under the microscope

Baseball: Four other Quebecers under the microscope

MONTREAL – Joshua Jones’ progression has generated some media interest in recent years due to the branch that supports him in his family tree. His father is former major league player Andruw Jones. But four other Quebecers represented Canada in the Friendship Series.

The chairman of the committee, Greg Hamilton, gave us a word.


The punch from Repentigny destroyed everything in his path during the selection camp where the Canadian team took shape. With three circuits, including a grand slam, three doubles and a triple, the powerful infielder did not leave the decision makers to choose to invite him on board. Against the Americans, the one who will play next year at West Virginia University hit three hits, including a homerun and a double, and produced two races in eleven appearances on the plate.

“I love him, I love how competitive he is. He’s a guy who generates a lot of power, but tends to put in a little too much. As you can imagine, it can be difficult for him when it comes to a higher caliber and opposite throws begin to detect his tendencies.He salivates on inside throws, but he must work to be just as effective on what touches the other side of the plate.But overall he had a good turn and was able to produce some sparks. I think it’s destined for a great college career. “


The tall left-handed pitcher had six blows to the mitten in three rounds of work during the selection camp in Ontario. Against the Americans, Royal de Repentigny’s product was just as impressive, striking out four strokes while allowing just one hit in three innings over the mound. Bat, a little more complicated: he hit only twice in a safe place in 16 appearances in the rectangle.

“A good player, very complete. On the mound he has good control of his throws and he does not let go of the roof. You know you’re in good hands with him. When batting, there is a tough retreat. His approach is cerebral, and he has some power. On top of that, he excels in defense. There are many dimensions to his game, quite simply a very solid baseball player. ”


Only 16 years old, the Valleyfield native struck ten strokes in seven innings during the selection camp, but he played little when counted. In his only release in relief, the left-handed shooter gave four rounds and four runs, two of which were earned, in one set and one-third.

“Our players born in 2003 were about to complete the cycle with the junior team. We tried to give them a little more playing time since the others will be back with us, Hamilton explained. Pilon is still very young, and he saw a little less action, but he was with us for a reason. He has a very good spin ball, his fastball moves well and I think he is very mature. He does not let himself be intimidated when the ball is in his hands. He showed some very good things, he also had some problems. Nothing surprising at his age. The fact that he managed to stand out a little, in such a high caliber, says a lot about his talent and potential. “


Another left-handed pitcher. Villeneuve was credited with the only Canadian victory in the series over the Americans, and admitted a run on a hit and knocked out a robber in one inning. On the bat, the Gatineau colossus hit two hits, went two rounds and scored two races. Next year he will use the colors at Weatherford College in Texas.

– He is a player who is not afraid of anything. He has some strength and sells the skin expensively. The same when he throws: he is extremely competitive and works hard. I think he has a bright future ahead of him at the college level and maybe even has the potential to achieve great things beyond that. He was an important member of our offensive order and fought well when we gave him the ball on the mound. I love her so much. “

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