Baseball: Cleveland Indians want to change their name, considered racist

Baseball: Cleveland Indians want to change their name, considered racist

After mentioning it in June last year, the baseball team Cleveland Indians is expected to announce the name change this week, according to American media. A decision taken under pressure from fans and Indian activists, who considered this name racist.

In July last year, just hours after the Washington Redskins (“Peaux-Rouges” in French) the American football team announced its name changed due to its racist connotation, the Cleveland Indians (“Indians” in French) had indicated that they put in once a “thorough investigation” of his name in the midst of the debate on racism in the United States.

By 2018, they had already left their logo representing Chief Wahoo, a caricature of a red-skinned Indian chief who was considered racist. An important step, but which did not go far enough according to Indians who influenced groups, and who demand a change in the name of the franchise. A move the Cleveland Indians will officially announce this week, according to New York Times, who say not knowing if this will be accompanied by the presentation of the new identity of the club.

It is possible that the Cleveland Indians, who have had that name since 1915, will make the same choice as the Washington Redskins, now called the Washington Football Team, that is, they will choose a new temporary name, time to find a definite name. , in consultation with the fans. American media already echo several ideas: Naps (one of their former nicknames, a reference to their former star Napoleon “Nap” Lajoie), the Spiders or the Rocks or Rockers.

Baseball: Cleveland Indians want to change their name, considered racist

Trump attacks “interrupt culture”

While many fans have already wanted the Cleveland Indians’ decision, Donald Trump on the contrary regretted on Twitter. “Oh no! What’s going on? This is not good news, even for ‘Indians,'” the U.S. president wrote, pointing to “interrupt culture», A movement launched in the United States one of the goals is to remove controversial figures from the public sphere.

After the name “Indians” was abandoned for the baseball team in Cleveland, there will be only three professional sports clubs in the United States with a name related to the Indians: the Chicago Blackhawks Ice Hockey Club, the one of American football Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Braves baseball. In July last year, following the announcement in the Washington Redskins, the Atlanta Braves sent an email to subscribers informing them that they would not change their name. To see if the decision of the Indians, who play like them in MLB, makes them change position.

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