Baseball : le Brock souhaite de nouvelles infrastructures

Baseball: Brock wants new infrastructure

INFRASTRUCTURE. Could Brock’s arrival at Quebec Major League Baseball (LBMQ) accelerate Jacques-Desautel’s stadium renovation project or the construction of a new infrastructure? This is what the organization hopes for.

Referring to the dilapidated condition of the facilities at rue Marchand, the president, general manager and head coach of Brock, Mathieu Audet, would like the project to appear in the City of Drummondville’s next investment budget to allow around 1,000 players. all ages involved in this sport, including Brock, to take advantage of new infrastructure from 2022.

“There has been little investment in Jacques-Desautel’s stadium building over the last 25 years. The current facilities are outdated. This is not a good showcase for Drummondville, ”Mathieu Audet points out, noting that the city may also host a Quebec Elite Junior Baseball League (LBJÉQ) license.

The renovation of Jacques-Desautel’s stadium or the construction of a new infrastructure was especially discussed last year during the year submission of the application de Drummondville will host the 57th final of the Quebec Games in the summer of 2022. The city had identified this project among its priorities, especially since a $ 5 million grant was granted by Quebec if its candidacy was accepted.

However, Drummondville was not elected by the selection committee. Rimouski was given a mandate to organize the 57th final, which was postponed until the summer of 2023 due to COVID-19. The 58th and 59th finals have also been postponed to the winter of 2024 and the summer of 2025, respectively.

Drummondville demonstrated his interest to host the event in 2025. Mathieu Audet wants the project to be able to develop other than by linking it to the Quebec Games. “I think a new stadium can even be a lever to get this grant and get the Quebec Games in 2025,” said the president, general manager and head coach of Brock.

A meeting is planned in January with the mayor of Drummondville, Alain Carrier. “I do not know the file as such, but the only thing I promised Mathieu Audet in January is to take the time to look at the needs and send them to the board members,” Mayor Carrier said.

Remember that Brock will join LBMQ from the 2021 season.

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