Du baseball au stade dès mardi

Baseball at the stadium starts on Tuesday

Representatives of Belle Province contested one last series on the road before finally returning home. Trifluvian fans are expected in large numbers at Quillorama Stadium in Trois-Rivières on August 3, 4 and 5, where they will finally have the chance to enjoy professional baseball for the first time after almost two years of waiting.

Team Quebec is finally coming home after spending the first half of the season on the road. The Quebec team meets the supporters in Quebec tonight when they play three games this weekend at Canac Stadium against the New York Boulders. Team Quebec will then head to their second home in Trois-Rivières to face the ValleyCats of Tri-City, which they will try to remove from the top spot in the Atlantic Division.

The formation of Patrick Scalabrini ranks 2nd in his division with a record of 26 wins against 29 failures, two games behind the ValleyCats of Tri-City (28v-27d).

The latest series started well against the Sussex County Miners when the two sides met in a double plan on Tuesday. Fleurdelisé managed to get the victory in the first match thanks to the brilliance of the starting pitcher Codie Paiva who offered himself a full game on the mound. Although he only knocked out four players, he largely allowed his defense to make single plays, thus limiting Sussex to just six hits in the match. After scoring a run in the first and second innings, it was a five-run shot at the start of the fifth inning that put the game out of reach for the miners. Jesse Hodges had a great night at Bats, posting two hits on three appearances, including a double, 2 races and an RBI. The match ended with a score of 7-4 in favor of Patrick Scalabrini’s troops.

As for the second match, we had to wait until the next day to know the conclusion, since the rain stopped the match in the fourth set when the score was 1 to 1. The night gave advice to the miners, those who have resumed the game at full speed. In addition to managing to snatch Team Quebec’s offense, the Miners added four points to their three-round record to finally win 5 to 1. Quebecer David Glaude was the author of the only point on his team that hit a triple that drove Riley. Pittman to home record in the third round.

The Quebec formation started well the third meeting in the series. After scoring two races in the second round, fleur-de-lys-thrower Nick Horvath and Marshall Shill held. They allowed only three hits in five rounds of work, while knocking out six players. It was during the very last round that the Quebecers saw the lead slip away. The Miners scored two races to force an extra inning. They eventually won the match on a sacrificial ball that let the designated runner go home.

The planned fourth meeting was canceled due to the rain.

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