Baseball: 2021 Postseason Assignments

Baseball: 2021 Postseason Assignments

District assignments for Class 2A and Class 1A are now available for baseball after the 2021 season.

The post-season competition begins with a scheduled preliminary round game in 1A on Thursday 8 July. The first round game for 2A and 1A is set for Saturday 10 July.

Pairing for 2A and 1A will be available the week of June 28 after the coach’s seed meetings. For bracketing purposes, the winners of District 1 and District 2 will play in Substate 1, the winners of District 3 and District 4 will play in Substate 2, and so on. Assignments for class 4A and class 3A will be published on Friday 25. June.

Eight teams from each class advance to the state tournament 2021, which will be hosted in Carroll for 2A and 1A, and Iowa City for 4A and 3A. The Carroll quarterfinals begin July 26, while the Iowa City quarterfinals begin July 28.

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