Albert Pujols a été élu trois fois MVP au cours de sa carrière.

Albert Pujols will return in 2022

One of the most productive hits in baseball history is considering not hanging up the spikes.

Slugger Albert Pujols plans to play winter ball in his home country Dominican Republic in the hope of showing up for the 2022 Major League season as he wants to play next season, O reported on Thursday.scope The County Register.

Pujols will play in the Dominican Republic for Escogido, who bought his rights in a trade on Thursday. He has never played winter ball in the Dominican Republic, where the season ends in January.

The Santo Domingo native, who turns 42 in January, has just completed his 21st major league season.

Pujols was guaranteed not to cost as much as the last time he ran for office, signing a 10-year, $ 240 million landmark with the Los Angeles Angels after 11 years of producing elite with the St. Louis Cardinals.

He did not complete that contract with the Angels, who released him in early May after Pujols reached just .198 with five homers in 24 games. But the veteran returned after joining the Dodgers less than two weeks later. Pujols has become a valuable feature as a first baseman and back-up hitter, hitting .254 with 12 home runs in 85 games over the following 4.5 months.

Whether he returns next season or not, the longtime first baseman and designated batsman has cemented the legacy of the Hall of Fame. Pujols is fifth on the all-time homerun list with 679 and third with 2150 RBI, while he has a stroke average of 297. The 10-time .300 hitter hit 30 homeruns in one season 14 times and 40 or more seven times. times.

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