agreement between Tracadie and the Diocese of Bathurst

agreement between Tracadie and the Diocese of Bathurst

Baseball and skateboard enthusiasts in Tracadie regional municipality will not have to live in uncertainty this summer. An agreement with the Diocese of Bathurst was recently unanimously accepted by the City Council to provide access to recreational facilities, located on land owned by the Catholic Church.

The details of the agreement were not specified, but it would be in force for a period of two years.

Since several sports activities were canceled last year due to instructions from public health, both young and old are eager to jump on the field again, advises councilor Jolain Doiron.

“In the last two weeks, I have been contacted by a few parents of children who play less baseball. They ask for access to the course for the start of the season. Two years ago, the start of the season was postponed due to a conflict with the diocese. Parents want access to the country as soon as possible. It is important for these young people who have already lost a season. It is probably a good idea to continue and sign an agreement for two years to reassure them. ”

Towards the end of the 1990s, the former Ville de Tracadie-Sheila had entered into an agreement with the diocese of Bathurst so that the municipality was responsible for clearing the parking spaces of the churches in Tracadie and Sheila, as well as maintaining certain cemeteries.

Over the years, the municipality has added several recreational facilities behind the church in Tracadie, including the Raoul-Losier baseball park and the skate park, on a large plot belonging to the diocese.

In the spring of 2019, the entrance to the Raoul-Losier baseball park and the nearby Tracadie skate park were locked by the steering committee in Tracadie parish.

A dispute between the two parties and MRT, given that the value of the services offered over the years exceeded the country’s value, wanted to renegotiate this agreement with the diocese of Bathurst. An agreement was eventually reached.

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