Les Ager, le baseball dans le sang

Ager, baseball in the blood

TROIS-RIVIÈRES. Steeve Ager reflects the phrase “eating baseball” well. This was what led him to Trois-Rivières almost 15 years ago. Not surprisingly, his son Louis Ager became a baseball player, now a member of Trois-Rivières Junior Aigles for three years. Their father-son bond is so large that they are now affiliated with the business.

The son has decided to get involved in the company Basaeball 360, which has also recently signed an agreement with the Eagles of Trois-Rivières.

“I was involved with the AA Eagles, and we had been looking for premises for years to train properly. People from Quebec got hold of this and approached me to set up in Trois-Rivières. It took a year and a half to find the right place, the father explains. “When the opportunity arose, we looked at our business model, and Louis was looking for what to do for a study, and he was wondering about his career. He is passionate about baseball, but he loved all the retail and sales. We opened a discussion, and I asked him if he would be interested in joining us. ”

“I would say that being a business partner brings us even closer,” adds the young left-handed pitcher. “When we have a topic to discuss, I call it, and it lasts for two minutes or an hour, we discuss easily. It’s probably easier with my dad than with people you get to know. At first I wondered more if I was able to do this job, and if I was ready to do it. Now I get up in the morning and am happy to come to work. “

His father has been involved in baseball since he was little. He especially played his minor baseball in Sherbrooke before later training in the Quebec Elite Junior Baseball League. He then ended up in Baseball Quebec. It was an assistant coach position with the Junior Eagles that led him to Trois-Rivières in 2007.

“I never forced Louis to play baseball either, even though he got into baseball when he was only 8 or 9 years old. He was always with us in the field, since he was very young. He followed me everywhere, says Steeve.

“Our passion would not have been possible without my wife Lucie and my daughter Catherine. If they had not followed us to all these places, or to the many picnics, we would not have been able to live this passion because we had been divided. Our summer holiday took place in baseball championships, ”he adds.

Their participation does not originate from yesterday. In fact, Dad has been coaching his son since the Atom level.

“I did not see it as further pressure,” said the young man. He was not alone as a coach either, and we always managed to get along. I had to do a little more to get the role I deserved, so that it was not seen as favoritism. It made me work harder. We had very good communication. I’m not a stressed person either, and things that were wrong, I wanted to talk to him about. “

“We followed each other up to Midget AAA level, until he started in sports studies. As he mentioned earlier, I was lucky that his place was already acquired in our teams, because he had a certain talent. He had an impeccable work ethic. It was easy for me, so I did not have to make any decisions whether it was my son or not. Then I quickly gave myself tips to detach myself from my father’s role during games. We have always known how to maintain a beautiful father-son relationship, he concludes.

The other two co-owners of Baseball 360 are Simon Laliberté and Guillaume Boyer. As for Louis, the young starter should be a key pitcher this summer for Trois-Rivières Junior Aigles.

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