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A new "food truck" for baseball fans
Un nouveau «food truck» pour les amateurs de baseball

A new “food truck” for baseball fans

ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Baseball fans will be in for a treat this summer at Jacques-Desautels Stadium, while Steve Plante, Laurent L-Proulx and Mathieu Audet have teamed up to set up a new Food Truck, Brock Truck.

This means that spectators who participate in Brock Baseball Club games will now be able to rely on a varied and sought-after catering offer, in addition to being able to enjoy different types of drinks throughout the summer season. In addition to serving Brock baseball games, has Brock Truck will be available to fill the food supply within the framework of several private events.

“Given the slight facelift that Jacques-Desautel’s stadium will be entitled to this summer, we had to innovate. We know Mathieu’s passion for baseball, who always wants fans to be happy, to have a good time. However, this passion is also shared by Laurent, who never misses the opportunity to get involved in our society. The Brock Truck is therefore a great project that will allow us to maintain a high standard in terms of events that we offer at Brock Baseball and within the framework of private events, says Steve Plante, owner of 200 Brock.

As for Laurent L-Proulx, he sees in this association a great opportunity to contribute to Drummondville and the Central African sports community, but also to be a creator of happiness in private events such as Brock Truck will be asked to attend.

“This partnership between Steve, Mathieu and me is very exciting. My mother has always been a big supporter of the Brock Baseball Club, an organization known for its involvement in the community. I think we’ll do some nice things. Now, play ball! Expresses the owner of the restaurant le Canadien, the canteen le Vilain, Vieux Saint-Charles and co-owner of Roy Jucep.

Brock, who enters the league with the highest baseball caliber in the country, will attract more spectators this summer, if there are sanitary measures.

“We already have close to 400 people who will participate in all our games this summer. Without COVID, it is no exaggeration to say that we would have 1,000 spectators per game at Jacques-Desautels Stadium. And do you know what motivates us, Steve, Laurent and me? That young people, because they were able to take advantage of a great catering offer and a good game of baseball, enroll in this sport and adopt healthy lifestyle. We had a hard time last year … if we can give our people plenty of time, it’s our job to do so! I work with two big names in the restaurant industry: I can only thank them on behalf of the Drummondville baseball community. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to summer! “Expresses Mathieu Audet, who at the same time emphasizes the good work of the city of Drummondville in this file.

It is possible for baseball fans to pick up a good pass for the entire season at a cost of $ 45. To do this, simply go to the Facebook page of Brock Baseball Club. To find out more about the service offer to Brock Truck, all you have to do is post privately on the Facebook page of the 200 Brock restaurant or Brock Baseball Club. (LT)

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