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A new baseball facility is under construction in Greenfield

GREENFIELD, WI— A new baseball training facility is under construction in Greenfield. The applicant proposes to establish a fitness and recreation center business in the existing commercial building with more tenants at the mall, according to City records.

Greenfield Common Council will on Tuesday night consider approving the special use permit for Force Fastpitch Wisconsin, a proposed baseball training facility that will
located at 4200 S. 76 Street, Spring Mall.

The plans were provided by John Walker of Franklin, WI.

Snappers Baseball Club, LLC will rent approximately 12,393 sqm. ft. of the multi-tenant commercial building at Spring Mall.

The proposed development shall not contribute negatively to traffic volumes or traffic
power in the area, according to City.

The allowed opening hours of Force Fastpitch Wisconsin will be 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., seven days a week.

All outdoor lighting fixtures must be shielded in such a way that no light splashes from the property boundaries. Fully cut fixtures and / or side screens for the house used to minimize light scattering. Rope / LED lighting is not allowed. The use of outdoor pagers, calls or loudspeakers is not permitted on site, as the surrounding land use consists of residential use.

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