A great hope leaves his country hanging

A great hope leaves his country hanging

A great hope leaves his country hanging

César Prieto, one of the biggest hopes for Cuban baseball, left his delegation on arrival in the United States. A leak that is part of a known phenomenon.

César Prieto (left) in action.

César Prieto (left) in action.

César Prieto, considered one of the best talents in Cuban baseball, left his country’s delegation on Wednesday, just hours after arriving in the United States, where the team is aiming for an Olympic qualification, the federation informed. ‘Isle.

“The player César Prieto Echevarria has left our delegation participating in the pre-Olympic tournament in Florida, USA,” the Cuban Baseball Federation said in a note published by JIT, the press body of the Institute of Sports of Cuba (India).

“Disgust among teammates”

The 22-year-old is leaving his team after the Cuban delegation, consisting of 41 members, went through a complicated process to obtain a visa to the United States. This event comes just five days before the pre-Olympic tournament in America, and qualified for the Olympics in Tokyo.

In the memo published by JIT, the federation criticizes the decision taken by Prieto, considering it “contrary to the commitment of the people and the team” and “generates disgust among teammates and delegation members”.

Not the first time

This is not the first time a Cuban baseball player has fled during sporting events. In 2009, Aroldis Chapman fled the hotel where her national team lived in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where she was scheduled to participate in a tournament. In 2002, José Contreras fled to sign for the Chicago White Sox. Among other cases, Cuban athletes.

So much so that a documentary about the phenomenon, “Fuera de Liga”, released in 2004, was broadcast four years later on state television, and aroused the joy of fanatics from the sport. The documentary collects statements from baseball stars who have chosen exile for more lucrative contracts.

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