A "DIR Est" agent attacked with a baseball bat

A “DIR Est” agent attacked with a baseball bat


The 37-year-old man was assaulted in the middle of the night while salting the roads. He will complain on Wednesday.

A "DIR Est" agent attacked with a baseball bat

Fortunately, this type of aggression remains a rare occurrence. One of the agents of the Interdepartmental Directorate of Eastern Roads (DIR Est) was attacked in the Lunévillois sector, night to Tuesday, April 6 to Wednesday, April 7, while he was in the office. The agent was actually in the middle of salting the roads to RN4, according to France blue. The perpetrator fled after attacking him with a baseball bat. The victim, 37 years old, will complain this Wednesday at the gendarmerie. Things would have degenerated after a collision between a vehicle and a salt on the salt machine, powered by the victim, at night.

“I took two hits with the bat”

The victim confessed to the shock she felt at the microphone of France Bleu: The person stopped in front of the truck. I took two hits with the bat. I locked myself in the truck, and he broke the rearview mirror and hit the truck. It’s a nice feeling. We wonder if the windows hold “. The agent is currently on sick leave. As a reminder, the inter-ministerial direction of roads in the east is responsible for maintaining national roads and highways in the Grand Est.

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