A baseball festival is born in Trois-Rivières

A baseball festival is born in Trois-Rivières

A baseball festival is born in Trois-Rivières

From October 3, Trois-Rivières will now be able to boast of having an event devoted 100% to baseball. Under the impetus of the Académie les Aigles, the jaimelebaseball.ca festival was born. All activities will be held on site at the Cogeco Amphitheater.

The President of the Académie les Aigles, Pascal Boislard.

The President of the Académie les Aigles, Pascal Boislard.

On this day, the public will be able to participate in a physical skills competition for young people under the age of 16, as well as the very first eBaseball World Series, played on the MLB game The Show 21.

“We wanted to create a unifying event in the region, for Trois-Rivières. We also wanted this festival to shine outside. In our view, we had the eSports component of the festival. We also do a program with our academy to demonstrate that video games can have an impact on games as such, especially in terms of their understanding. There was nothing organized face to face for it. Why not take advantage of the Cogeco Amphitheater then? That’s what we said to each other, ”argued the president of the Académie les Aigles, Pascal Boislard.

For the electronic part, only 32 places will be available, 16 for experts and 16 for beginners. In advance, all players registered for the event must fight to achieve their qualification in their respective category for the tournament, which will be held on October 3 on the stage of the Cogeco Amphitheater. The person who wins the tournament will, among other things, run away with a PlayStation 5. console. When it comes to the skill competition, young baseball fans will be able to participate in various activities that combine speed, strength and agility. A virtual homemade contest is also on the menu.

Necessarily, this news was very favorably received by the mayor of Trois-Rivières Jean Lamarche, himself a big fan of this sport. “Baseball is a universe, an atmosphere and a state of mind. When we go to the stadium (Quillorama), we know we are in another world. When Pascal told me about his project, I thought it was a good idea. It’s a way to celebrate baseball. Yes, baseball is between the two white lines, but it also happens between the two ears. When we can give a city that baseball shade, we get it right. ”

“There are a number of players who have put their shoulders on the wheel so that baseball can experience the current growth. Innovation and economic development Trois-Rivières has set up a tourist development fund. We will therefore support the event. The purpose of this fund is to stimulate business and sports tourism, as well as to promote the establishment of structuring and innovative projects “, argued for his part the Trade Commissioner for Sports Tourism at Innovation et Développement économique Trois-Rivières, Jean-Philippe Lemay,

The agreement between the jaimelebaseball.ca festival and the Cogeco amphitheater is for a period of three years. The event will therefore not be a single edition, we are sure.

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