89-year-old says baseball diamonds are his youth fountain - WCCO

89-year-old says baseball diamonds are his youth fountain – WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Go to just about any city park in the summer and you will surely find a baseball game. From T-balls to beer leagues, America’s pastimes can be enjoyed at any age.

Thursday night in northeast Minneapolis, 89-year-old Dick Anderson grabs the ball and glove and goes out to play. He says the baseball diamond is his source of youth.

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“This team tonight is my 40-year-old team,” he said. “We won the league last year, we are 1029 outside of Northeast Minneapolis.”

It’s just one of many teams he’s played for over the years.

89-year-old says baseball diamonds are his youth fountain - WCCO

Dick Anderson (Credit: CBS)

“I like to win. I have played on winning teams all my life, “said Anderson.

From 1944, 12 years old, Anderson won city title after city title, and played for Minneapolis Edison when they also won a title. Now he fits in with boys who are half his age.

“I play with the sons of some of the guys I’ve played with before,” he said.

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“Dick Anderson is still 89. He’s been on Dad’s team for 50 years,” said Tony Wojack, a member of the 1029 team.

The man who proudly uses number 89 is placed on the mound.

“I’m just valuable because I’m just a pitcher now,” Anderson said. “I do not strike. I’ve had two knee surgeries. I can not run, so they just let me throw. ”

“And all he does is strike,” Wojack said, laughing.

Like the game of life, it is not the winner or the loss for the 1029 team, it is about the camaraderie and the people on the field.

“I love it. I just feel better when I’m out here. I can be tired at home, when I come out here, I feel like I’m young again,” Anderson said.

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Anderson has won many national championships in the age divisions 70 and 80+.

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