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Mexican baseball has one of its best moments in the major leagues, with a new generation of players underway in some of MLB’s most iconic franchises such as Dodgers, Yankees and Red Sox, we let you here our selection with the players from Mexico who should not be lost sight of.

5.- Alejandro Kirk / Azulejos / Seeker

In the entire history of Mexican baseball, only 9 players have played wrestling, many of the most difficult positions in baseball due to the mix of strength, agility and mental speed required in each game.

One of them, the last, is Alexandre kirk. Graduated from the academy in Tijuana oxen And considered by many to be one of the best drummers of his generation, Kirk barely made his MLB debut last year after signing with the Toronto Blue Jays.

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4.- José Urquidy / Astros / Pitcher

Get more successful debuts in Mexican baseball history than the appearance in the 2019 World Series of Mexican Astros jug José Urquidy.

Mazatlan stunned the world with an almost perfect start to 8 innings to keep the Astros at bay with the World Series.

Since that day, Urquidy has been in the sights of fans, and although injuries have not allowed him to have the continuity we all want from the quality of Sinaloa, Mexico is more than a reliability.

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3.- Alex Verdugo / Red Sox / Voltigeur

The Mexican of Red Sox He is honored to have been included in the Dodgers-Red Sox deal that will bring Mookie Betts from Boston to Los Angeles.

It’s no small thing to be one of the key players in MLB’s biggest industry ever, so the expectations of the outfielder were high.

And let’s say it clearly, Executioner had a tough battle in 2021 and costly mistakes in the defense, but since he came to Red Sox has become one of the iconic players and without a doubt one of the great promises of Mexican baseball in Big leagues.

2.- Luis Urías / Brewers / Infielder

HuichoIs for many (including us) the most talented Mexican infielder in many years.

Born in Bahía de Kino, Sonora, Luis Urias he debuted in the league with the San Diego Padres, who inexplicably decided to give him up and let him go to Milwaukee. Bad idea.

Uriah showed up the brewers all the quality of his glove that played spectacularly in defense and eventually woke his bat. It is not for nothing that he became the fourth Mexican hitter in history to hit 20 or more home runs in a season, along with Mexican bombers such as Vinny Castilla, Erubiel Durazo and Villanueva.

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1.- Julio Urías / Dodgers / Pitcher

If at this point you do not know who culichi Julio Urías is, we just have to ask him, where was he?

Champion and hero of the World Series with the Dodgers in 2020, leader of the winners so far in the 2021 season and candidate for Cy young (the award that rewards the best pitcher in the Major Leagues), Julito is turned into one of the best throws in the entire MLB.

And of course one of the best Mexican players in history. And this is just his second full season.

And since there is nothing more Mexican than “pilón”, here is another …

Luis Cessa / Yankees, Cincinnati Reds / Pitcher

One of the Mexican pitchers’ big promises, everyone was surprised by his departure from the Yankees, especially considering how much Mules lacks good arms and how Cessa had excelled as a butoo reliever … that’s it. Yankees.

Cessa came out at the end of the Cincinnati Reds where he landed on the right foot and already had the opportunity to play as a starter … something NY never allowed him.

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