32 years later, the Dodgers finally won the World Series

32 years later, the Dodgers finally won the World Series

Fifteen days after the Lakers ’17. NBA coronation, won the Dodgers World Series of Baseball (MLB) on Tuesday, and ended 32 years of famine in general cheers in Los Angeles.

The Dodgers have won four to two at the expense of the Tampa Bay Rays in this final of the North American League. They won their last decisive 3-1 victory on Tuesday in Arlington (Texas) where this series was relocated. A Mookie Betts home run in the 8th round secured LA victory, which ended with a bang a game long under Tampa Bay to lead 1-0 in the first period. The outfielder, champion in 2018 with the Boston Red Sox, gave his team a first advantage in the 6th half just after Austin Barnes had equalized.

“It simply came to our notice then. We have worked so hard. Our hearts have been broken so many times, ”the latter exclaimed very moved, without quoting the defeats in 2017 and 2018 at this stage. As soon as the long-awaited victory was secured, shouts, horns, fireworks were heard all over LA From West Hollywood to Downtown, where two weeks earlier Lakers fans had gathered to celebrate the basketball title taken by LeBron James and his family, to the edge of Dodgers Stadium north of City of Angels.

7th coronation

“Come on, can we have a parade? !! I know we can not, but THIN I want to celebrate (our victories) with Lakers and Dodgers fans !!! LA is the city of CHAMPIONS,” tweeted the orange ball superstar.

The Dodgers now have seven league titles to their name, making them the sixth most sacred team in history. Far ahead is the New York Yankees with 27 trophies, followed by the St. Louis Cardinals (11), Botston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics (9), as well as the San Francisco Giants (8).

This coronation, the first since 1988, rewards a team with exemplary consistency the last four seasons, but which failed twice in the World Series in 2017 and 2018 therefore, but also in the national conference finals last year.

During this outstanding regular season, reduced to 60 games instead of the usual 162 due to the coronavirus, LA finished with the best record of 43 wins against 17 losses. In the playoffs, the California club successively eliminated Milwaukee Brewers (2-0), San Diego Padres (3-0), Atlanta Braves (4-3) and then Tampa Bay.

The Rays, they were looking for the first title in their history. This error is their second at this stage after admitting in 2008 against the Philadelphia Phillies.

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