$ 245,000 for the repair of a baseball field

$ 245,000 for the repair of a baseball field

The agreement between Borough of Lachine and the Jays Care Foundation, the organization of the major league baseball team, Toronto Blue Jays, has finally been confirmed. An amount of $ 150,000 for the repair of land no. 1 from LaSalle Park.

For its part, the district will add up to $ 245,000 to carry out the work. Lachine was selected for this scholarship last fall thanks to the efforts of the Lachine Amateur Baseball Association (ABAL). The agreement was formalized by the council on 3 May.

Some regulations from the City of Montreal prevented the sports association from being in charge of the project. It was therefore agreed that the money should be returned to the district to carry out the repair work.

“We are very excited to hear this encouraging news. Our young people will now be pampered with this new playing surface. ”-Denis Boucher, President of ABAL

“We salute the dedication of ABAL volunteers for their initiative to seek funding”, emphasizes the Mayor of China, Maja Vodanovic.

They had to demonstrate the importance of this field and the sport to the Lakinese community, as well as the deplorable state it is in.

No playground upgrade has been done for more than 40 years.

Improvements include replacing fences, safety nets on the first and third baselines and adding a rear field fence. A new shelter for the players, as well as an upgrade of inner and outer fields are also planned.

The repair of land no. 1 is planned for the spring of 2022. Plans and specifications will be drawn up in the meantime.

An opening ceremony with the Jays Care Foundation will be planned at the end of the work.

“We are proud to support projects and programs for children and youth in Quebec,” said Foundation Director Robert Witchel in a statement.

Land use

The new baseball field will host Bantam games, regional and provincial championships and allow level AA training.

It is not possible to use country no. 1 and 2 simultaneously due to their proximity. By doing this, land no. 2 is turned into a green area.

This grant from the Jays Care Foundation is part of the program Field of Dreams. Twelve regions in Canada received funding for the construction of new land in 2020.

$ 395,000

Estimated repair work for the baseball field.

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