11 college baseball tough guys tearing the lid off the ball in 2021

11 college baseball tough guys tearing the lid off the ball in 2021

Last week we watched the scariest lineups in college baseball this season. Let’s turn our attention to the individual this week and look at some of the scariest hitters for the 2021 season so far.

HOT HEATS: Scariest lineups in college baseball, so far

There are many factors that make up a scary hitter, but we focus on the one that makes people get up from their seats and innocent bats turn around: the long ball. Although home runs are not the only component that the following 11 players excel at, they are great.

11 of the college baseball’s biggest tougher in 2021

Florida State's Matheu Nelson.

Matheu Nelson, Florida State The Florida State catcher (above) has definitely made one of the biggest jumps in college baseball this season. After hitting just seven home runs in the first 74 career games, Nelson is a top slugger in 2021, leading college baseball with a .833 slugging percentage and 20 home runs. He has a good approach, walks about 24 percent of the time, and his pop plays to all fields. It is a bonus that he is also the recipient of one of the best staffs in the country, as’ Noles has a top-10 ERA.

Jared Dupere, northeast – When the game stopped last season, Huskies’ right fielder had two home runs. Both came in the last game he played. Dupere is another big riser this season, currently second after Nelson in the home run per game and slugging percentage. He has a total of 15 home runs this season, but also continues to improve his ball-to-ball skills, hitting .376 so far. He’s a bit of a free swinger, but the strikes are forgivable with all the bombs.

Wes Clarke, South Carolina – Gamecock’s first baseman and catcher exploded on stage in 2021. Clarke is only naturally strong, standing at 6’2 and 236 pounds, and showed his power in the opening weekend and went 7-for-10 with two doubles and three home runs. . His very next match he hit three home runs and has yet to give, second in college baseball with 19 bombs.

Jud Fabian, Florida – Fabian has been on scout radars since his freshman year. Even if you do not see a high average – and there are some turns and misses that strike out 60 times in 179 on bats as far as he struggles with things that are not in speed – it is still the home teams. The right-handed outfielder has 18 home runs and 30 the last 2-1 / 2 seasons. We know the power is real: Fabian excelled on a summer at the Battle of the Cape. 290 with six homers in the trebateligas last full season.

Bobby Seymour, Wake Forest – This year’s ACC player in 2019 is back on it in ’21. Seymour has consistently lifted the ball to all fields during his career and rakes again. He currently has 10 doubles, 18 home runs and a nice, 714 slugging percentage. Seymour has been one of the elite race producers in college baseball, leading the division with 92 in 2019 and running in 51 to 40 games so far.

Jace Jung, Texas Tech – Texas Tech beat gold with the Jung brothers, and although the oldest Jung, Josh, is now the Texas Rangers’ top prospect, Jace fills the role of the Red Raiders slugger just fine. In Josh’s last season (2019) he hit. 343 with 15 home runs that led Texas Tech to the College World Series. Jace tops those numbers and hits .365 with a 1,211 OPS and 16 home runs. You must also love his approach, as he is not fooled too often: Jung has gone 35 times and knocked out only 31 times.

#UnitedAsOne: Texas Tech baseball Jace and Josh Jung talk sibling rivalry, learn the game together

Niko Kavadas, Notre Dame – Home driving and Kavadas have gone hand in hand for several years. Fighting Irish’s top slugger led the Cape Cod Baseball League with 10 home runs in 2019 and has since crushed. He is fourth in college baseball with 0.44 home runs per game, a total of 15 so far. Perhaps most impressive are the improvements in his approach. He uses force to muscle the ball, but also walks more than he strikes and comes to the base at a .491 pace.

Matthew Christian, Campbell – Christian has come out of nowhere in 2021. After hitting .226 with just eight total home runs in 2019-20, Camels redshirt senior has broken out, hitting currently .377 with 15 home runs. His 0.42 home run per game is fifth in college baseball, and he is fourth with 0.790 slugging percent and eighth with 54 RBI. The transformation seemed to begin in the summer of 2019 when Christian led the West Coast League with 12 home runs. He also adds ten doubles to his state line, able to hit the holes as much as shooting it over the wall.

Tyler Bosetti, Nevada – Entering the NCAA record books in a record-breaking way for home runs will definitely get you on this list. Bosetti has only 11 home runs this season, but 10 of them have come in the last nine games. IN A ROW. Bosetti started with a home run against Air Force on April 24, and has been at home in every game since (at the time of writing), with Wolfpack winning the first eight games in a row. In season, Bosetti strikes. 342 with 16 doubles and the 11 home races.

Ethan Long, Arizona State – Bosetti’s record-breaking home run lost on May 11 to Arizona State. Long, the Sun Devils DH, launched his 13th home run of the season and ran into five in the 14-11 victory. Now 13 home races are not so impressive, but the fact that 11 of them have come over his last 11 matches is quite impressive. He has three multi-homer games during this span, and has seen his average increase from .299 on April 21 to .373 on his way into the weekend with eight multi-hit games during this span.

Will Frizzell Texas A&M – The 6’3, 235-pound senior is another slugger who explodes on stage in ’21. Frizzell has 11 doubles and 18 home runs – tied for second place in the SEC with Fabian – for a 0.699 slugging percentage. Thanks to an ability to walk, he also gets to the base on a .438 lick. Over the last weekend, Frizzell went 7-for-12 with five home runs and 11 RBIs against Ole Miss, giving him the National Player of the Week.

Honest reviews:

  • Ruben Ibarra, San Jose State: Ibarra is on a 6-18 team, so he can get lost in random order, but he hits .375 with 0.41 home runs per game – sixth best in DI – to go together with a .806 slugging percentage.
  • Kyle Battle, Old Dominion: The match hits .322 with a 1,203 OPS to go along with 10 doubles and 16 home runs for one of our scariest players in college baseball.
  • Hunter Goodman, Memphis: Goodman has filled the Memphis and AAC record books since his freshman year, and currently has 16 home runs to go along with a .669 slugging percentage.

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