Image 1 : Inglourious Basterds : D'où vient la batte de baseball de Donowitz ?

Where did Donowitz baseball bat come from?

A cut-up scene reveals that Donny Donowitz unveiled his favorite anti-Nazi weapon in a sports shop while working as a barber.

Nicknamed “the Jewish bear” for his hairy and extremely violent methods, Donny Donowitz is undoubtedly one of the worst characters in the world.Inglourious Basterds. In a clipped scene, we can learn more about the origins of baseball bat and the character’s journey. A former barber, Donowitz, has only one idea in mind: to exterminate the Nazis with this formidable sports equipment by smashing the skulls. This process earned him the nickname Bear of the Hitler Soldiers. This sequence allows us to learn more about his career and his “bastard” label.

Image 1: Inglourious Basterds: Where did Donowitz's baseball bat come from?
Donny and his favorite weapon – Credit: Universal Studios

It was in a sports shop in Boston that Donny got hold of what was to become his favorite weapon. Proud of the find, he begins to share his intentions with other Jews in his neighborhood.

A formidable weapon

By asserting his will to want to exterminate all the Nazis who want to block his way, Donny crosses the path to Mrs. Himmelstein. The latter fully supports his decision and gives him the nickname “bastard”. And in the exact moment, the old lady releases a memorable phrase, which will be the young man’s mantra for the rest of his existence. “The work of a bastard is never finished” actually loose Himmelstein. That’s when Donny decides to name his baseball bat by giving it the little name Madeleine.. He signs the latter so that no one forgets the achievements he has achieved.

Absent from the last cut, this scene still deserves a detour. In addition to providing context, it also helps to better understand Donny’s intentions. The young man will become a strong symbol of the anti-Nazi struggle and remain a posterity. Marked by the atrocities suffered by the Jewish community in his neighborhood, Donowitz will avenge his family at all costs. Baseball bat becomes a supply symbol and Donny immediately understands that it will be his favorite weapon.

Tarantino takes great liberties with historical reality. But his film provides a better understanding of the security damage in the Holocaust. For the first time, a scenario questions the traumas and thirst for revenge of a people, and does not just want to support their status as victims of Hitler’s hell. Through Donny’s character, Tarantino imagines a vengeful anti-hero, ready to seek redress for the atrocities committed by the Germans. By becoming the leader of the Jewish-American bastards, Donowitz becomes a symbol of hope and revenge.

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