Top 5 Best Slowpitch Softball Glove Review

The tricks up your sleeves, that all what matters in Softball; because this is the game of technique indeed. After one has given enough consideration to one’s technique and gameplan, there has to be enough emphasis on the kind of equipment one uses especially the gloves. If you’re choosing to variate your techniques between Slowpitch and Fastpitch, you must have the best slowpitch softball glove. Pitching, Fielding and Catching all of it depends on how good your glove is.

Keeping in mind the size considerations and the latest rule updates, players should revisit their opinion of an ideal Slowpitch baseball glove. After all, to lure the batsman into your gloves is the prime motive of using a slo-pitch and that’s not going to happen without perfect execution of your softball technique.

Find for yourself the Top 5 Softball Gloves for Slowpitch play, and upgrade your game to an even better level.

Wilson A360 Slowpitch Glove

Softball Slow Pitching cares more about the grip and control over the ball rather than the force/strength part of the play. Wilson A360 is a sweet combination of V-Lace Web providing a firm control over the ball inside the pad and it has a Velcro Strap which provides the players with a great custom adjustability for the perfect pitch. The 13” Slowpitch Glove comes with the trust of Wilson Sporting goods and its technical expertise as well. Choose this one for better control over your Softball.

Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove, Regular, Slow Pitch Pattern, Pro H Web, 13 inch

This is an outfield softball glove with full grain oiled leather shells for premium quality, leather laces for durable usage and 13 inch sizing for perfect slow pitch usage. Rawlings Player Preferred™ features parameters that point to a quick and easy break in for players and protective standards compliance. The Zero Shock palm padding ensures that players are at their protective best while playing their best game and the Pro-H design web helps in adjusting to various positions of the field. Use this one for high quality, credible features and durability.

Miken KO Series Slowpitch Pro H Web Pattern Fielding Glove

With the trademark Poron-XRD Palm pads Miken KO Series Slowpitch baseball glove has been able to reduce the impact on the catchers’/fielders’ hands to a minimalist level. The Koalition Series Miken runs for various kinds of Slowptich Gloves also has USA tanned leather laces which ensure the best native quality. Miken is popular among softball players of USSSA and NSA for the sole reason of being the most safe and functional piece of gear. Choose this for your training sessions so that you can practice harder without any implications.

Rawlings Renegade Series Baseball Gloves

The thing you love about Rawlings is that they know the specialized need of each player. With the ProMesh back the Renegade series provides this glow the much needed light weight for efficient catches. Its 14 inch customizable Velcro fit Palm pad is heavy on protection, catch control and user-ease standards. Besides all these features, the glove comes for a comparable cost when matched with other counterparts without these features. Choose this for the cost effective feature loaded solution it is.

Easton Salvo Mesh Series Slowpitch Softball Glove

Shagging fly balls and snagging line shots is what this game is all about, and with the Double Deep™ Palm Pad Design the slowpitch glove by Easton provides area enough to do so. The 14 inch design is matched by its 365™ Cowhide Mesh for the highest flexibility among the options that we’ve provided. The Glove also has a deeper pocket for better impact arresting. Available in both right hand and left hand throw this Slow Pitch Softball glove is the perfect choice for players who’re looking for a feature loaded solution.


We believe that despite knowing from our lists one needs to be extremely careful in choosing their options for any suitable product. The thing with Slowpitch Gloves is that one should always optimize for the kind of playing position one is in. Gloves of different positions have different mesh properties and padding, and that’s something to look out for.

Know the difference and chose wisely, is you need a mitt or glove. Obviously you know what you want but with so much innovation and hybrid models, one needs to keep their checks in order.

If the glove doesn’t fit, it’s not going to work ever. Check again and again for the best fit and change immediately if there’s any discrepancy. Weight is always a guiding factor, always choose a lightweight option but never compromise on the cushioning and padding for safety.

Softball is a fun game and it requires the right kind of gear to keep the games fun factor aloof from all the technicality. Keep watching this space for more insights as we bring you more reviews about Softball Gloves and Best Softball Bats, etc.

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