MLB: Dodgers and Astros hang on - Baseball - MLB

MLB: Dodgers and Astros hang on – Baseball – MLB

Defeated in the first two matches of the National League Finals, the Los Angeles Dodgers recovered in style in Game 3 against the Atlanta Braves (15-3). A win that took shape very quickly since the Dodgers led 11-0 at the end of the first set. They set a record for races in one set in a playoff game. Thanks to this success, the LA series returns to 2-1 in this series played to the best of seven games.

In the American League, the final will clearly be in favor of the Tampa Bay Rays, but they failed to conclude last night. They lost Game 4 against the Houston Astros (3-4), but get a new opportunity to qualify for the World Series, MLB Grand Final, on Thursday night until Friday.

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