Kentucky Baseball's Oraj Anu to return for last season

Kentucky Baseball’s Oraj Anu to return for last season

Kentucky Outfielder Oraj Anu returns to Kentucky for its final qualifying season, giving the Wildcats an experienced, veteran presence. Anu joins the pitchers Sean harney, Daniel Harper and Mason hazelnut as veterans training their Covid relief season and returning to Lexington.

Anu, a senior who has served as both outfielder and designated hitter, provides juice from both sides of the plate. His return is a boon for the lineup, having beaten 21 extra-base hits in 240 career bats, including 11 home runs.

“We are delighted that Oraj is back for his final season,” said the United Kingdom coach Nick mingione so. “He is a veteran presence who will provide invaluable experience to our team.”

In 2021, Anu beat .265 in 50 games, scored 31 runs and ran in 35. He had eight doubles, two triples, eight home runs and four stolen bases while producing a .790 OPS. Orlando, Florida was particularly effective from the left side of the plate, hitting .307, and he led the team in hitting with a runner on third and less than two outs, running in 13 races in 16 opportunities. He had 14 multi-hit games and a 17-game game reached bases during the season.

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