Devant les nouveaux gradins : Chantal Moulin, secrétaire du club, Gérard Moulin, président du club, Richard Moulin, responsable technique, et les séniors ayant pu venir à l

Eure. Read Andelys: the baseball club recruits all categories

In front of the new bleachers: Chantal Moulin, club secretary, Gérard Moulin, club president, Richard Moulin, technical manager and seniors who were able to come to training.
In front of the new bleachers: Chantal Moulin, club secretary, Gérard Moulin, club president, Richard Moulin, technical manager and seniors who were able to come to training. (© L’Impartial)

Since March 20, extracurricular sports activities supervised by associations or private structures have been allowed, but only outdoors. Open facilities such as the baseball field René-Tomasini Stadium in Andelys (Eure) can therefore accommodate a sports exercise that is monitored in accordance with health protocols without limiting the number of people.

In order to be able to train in peace, the French Federation of Baseball and Softball (FFBS) has received a specific health document validated by the Ministry of Sports. In this particular context, Andelysien Baseball and Softball Club (CABS) can continue to train in strict compliance with these rules and go so far as to obtain an electronic thermometer. The 10 km rule still applies, which does not allow any players to come to training.

Leeward training

Saturday 3 April from kl. 10 to 12, defied older (16 years and older), sometimes pitchers or receivers, sometimes bats or defenders, a north / east wind that blew cheerfully on the plateau.

In the afternoon, it is the turn of the juniors (11-15 years) to wet the jerseys with the extra bonus of a hunt for eggs that will have been scattered in all corners of the field. When it comes to children aged 6 to 10, training takes place every Wednesday from 16.30 to 18.00 With the help of many motivated volunteers, the club this year began to create a mini field for children under 12 years. In all categories, the teams are mixed, including for softball.

Normandy championship postponed

On the competition side, the Normandy Championship, which was to take place at the end of March, was postponed to May and then to June July for the qualifying pools and in September October for the final pools.

About sixty licensees

As for the new stands, they should have been inaugurated in March, but this endless health context has forced them to be the only spectators to training without ever being able to parade in front of any invited team.

Another direct effect of the crisis has been the significant reduction in the labor force, falling from 90 to around 60 which became redundant. The club operates in the calendar year, but in 2021 it recruits exceptionally at any time of the year, and even offers two exercises for those who want to taste the baseball experiences.

The club, which has been in existence for 35 years, does not lack strengths; In addition to the good recurring results, CABS was eight times champion in Normandy and once champion in France in national 2.

The Coralie Guillemin example

He can also be proud to work with Coralie Guillemin, who took her first license at CABS at the age of 11 and then learned all her skills there. At 22 years old, she is currently one of the 30 pre-selected players for the French women’s team.

Since 19 February, CABS can also rely on Allan Tymen in a position for 8 months as part of a civic service. Also at the age of 22, this solemn athlete, holder of a license in law, will aim to help the development and revitalization of the club during this period complicated by an uninvited visitor.

Contact: Gérard Moulin on 06 86 47 50 80? Club website: https: //

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