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Bressuire Garocheurs – Wikipedia

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Garages of the Bressuire logo
Nickname Garocheurs
Earlier name





Blue white


Métayer sports complex
79 300 Bressuire


Métayer sports complex
15 rue Malabry
79 300 Bressuire

Current championship

Honorary Division


Jean-Baptiste Geffard

Website http://www.garocheurs.com/

The Bressuire Garocheurs is a club of baseball based on the municipality Bressuire in department of To Sevres and region Poitou-Charentes.


Garocheurs of Bressuire was born on a day off 1987 around a dozen passionate self-taught. The name of the club, which was originally intended to be “Bourneurs-Garocheurs”, but which was eventually simplified to keep only “Garocheurs”, comes from the verb “garocher”, taken from poitevin, which means to throw violently (“to turn” is also a patois verb which means: to strike hard at something). This name therefore contrasts radically with the North American origins of baseball and all the vocabulary that is specific to it. This reflects a founders’ desire to stay connected to their rural roots instead of to american dream.

From the year of creation, a team entered the regional championships of the time, with the legendary first match there Garocheurs asked for timeouts so that certain rules could be explained to them.

This sports association, with an expected life expectancy of almost zero in the beginning, has managed to continue its journey through the seasons. Thus, the club plays the regional championship every year and regularly achieves good results, and this despite infrastructure and limited financial resources. Garocheurs, who do not want to limit themselves to the routine of a sports championship, have been able to organize events in the city, but also far from the walls.

The practice of this sport, which is not widespread in cities of this size (15,000 inhabitants) and in rural areas, has created a special mentality. From the first years, Garocheurs has developed a certain philosophy of the game, more focused on the atmosphere generated by a season than on the outcome itself. This state of mind is summed up by this maxim of a former club president in the 2000s, ” Garocheurs, it’s grandiloquence at a lower price Without enormous financial resources, this association was able to take part in trips to the four corners of the continent in a series of rather unexpected events, such as battles against national elections (Tunisia) or meetings on an Olympic field at Athens.

The Garocheurs has developed an original self-financing system, with little or no use of sponsors. The club’s policy is more oriented towards discovery, pleasure and “sports leisure” than towards competition.

Bressuire Garocheurs - Wikipedia

“Garoch’Dôme”, the garden of Garocheurs

Outside the region Poitou-Charentes, den Garocheurs has made wonderful trips abroad, thus combining the joy of discovering and the joy of playing baseball. These trips are one of the big events of the season, and help to strengthen the bond between the players …

The first trip (with 2 matches) was arranged in Hungary in the course of the summer 2000. Stinky Sox from Jaszbereny then came to play Bressuire. Contacts are also maintained with a certain number of teams that met.

This first trip to Hungary was the first in a long series:

In terms of sports, the club has a regional champion title in 1997 and a league cup in 1996.

We can add the titles as regional vice champions in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2009, as well as a league cup final in 1997 and 2003.

Eight victories against foreign teams, including one against the Tunisian national team.

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