Top 5 Best Youth Wood Bat For Your Money

There is something romantic about the baseball coming off the sweet spot of a wood bat and not just anywhere like its metal counterparts. A wood bat is definitely far less forgiving but they do sharpen and strengthen a young players skills. A lot of coaches believe that the best youth wood bat is the way to go when it comes to teaching a young player the technicalities of hitting.

1. Rawlings Youth Velo Ash -7.5 with Ultra Thin Tac Grip Wood Bat

The Rawlings Youth Velo Ash -7.5 Wood Baseball Bat is one of the best youth wood bats constructed out of Ash Wood which gives you a great flex and an unbelievable balance. The specifications of the bat include 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter, a 7/8 inch handle and a balanced swing weight which is great for younger players looking to increase their bat speed .This bat is incredibly lightweight with a guaranteed drop 7.5 length to weight ratio and the Pro Cupped end ensures a harder piece of wood for greater pop. Also the pre-wrapped Ultra Thin Tac-Grip helps improve bat control and eliminates stings to the hands.

2. Louisville Slugger Youth 125 Ash Genuine Unfinished Baseball Bat

If you’re a young player that is just starting out then the Louisville Slugger Youth 125 Ash Genuine Baseball Bat is the best youth wood bat that provides a solid wood bat at a value price. Ash wood has been one of the most popular wood species used in baseball bats since the games origin. And it continues to provide batters with a few unique characteristics compared to maple designs. Ash tends to more flexible which gives you more forgiveness on off-centred contacts. They are noticeably lighter than maple when comparing similar turn models. Ash wood is also one of the strongest timbers out there pound for pound.

3. Marucci Albert Pujols AP5 Youth Maple Wood Baseball Bat

The Marucci Albert Pujols AP5 Youth Maple Wood Baseball Bat is all-star player Albert Pujols’ signature model and definitely the best youth wood bat from Marucci. The bat is constructed out of high-quality professional grade maple wood that has been bone-rubbed to provide ultimate density to the wood by tightening the grains ensuring maximum hardness. It features a large barrel design with a slightly end loaded feel perfect for some explosive hitting. Also the tapered handle along with the knob ensures all that power is controlled very well in the hands. This bat has a barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inch with a drop 3 length to weight ratio.

4. Easton Mako Ash Wood Youth Baseball Bat

Easton Mako Ash Wood Youth Baseball bat is definitely worth a shot for all the youths that want to make a switch from aluminium bats. This bat comes with a drop 7 to drop 10 length to weight ratio, a 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter and a 7/8 inch handle diameter. It is constructed out of North American Ash wood which makes the bat flexible and durable at the same time. Easton makes this bat to look and feel exactly like the composite Mako and is recommended for younger players who are looking to transition to a heavier bat. The cupped end helps improve durability and swing speeds and finally the standard knob gives it a great overall feel.

5. Louisville Slugger Youth 125 Maple Genuine Unfinished Baseball Bat

Another offering from Louisville Slugger Genuine Series for the Maple wood lovers is the Youth 125 Maple Genuine Unfinished Bat. The Youth 125 Maple comes with the youth turn model which features an approximate drop 2 to 3 length to weight ratio and a barrel diameter of 2 ¼ inch. It is constructed out of Maple wood ensuring that it is light on the pocket and at the same time a durable one too. This model comes with a natural wood colour handle and a black coloured barrel. Also the bats are bone-rubbed to tighten the grains of the bat for maximum hardness on contact.


If your kid is a professional baseball aspirant then the earlier they get accustomed to a wood bat the better it is for them. And even if metal bats have taken over the Youth leagues thanks to USA Baseball, you can always use wood bats for practice which is only going to help improve performance with a metal bat. And since the youth deserve the best we’ve gone through a ton of youth wood baseball bats available and listed out the best 5.

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