Best Softball Glove For Youth in 2018

A derivative of the sport of Baseball, ‘Softball’ today is a majorly popular sport with fans all across the world. But history suggests that the game actually ‘came to be’ during a football game between Yale and Harvard back in 1887. A bunch of fans playfully commenced a game with a balled-up boxing glove and a broom stick after the football game. This was the first recorded sighting of the sport. And after various failed naming attempts, it finally stuck on an official name of Softball in 1930. Quite the story, isn’t it?

Over the years the sport has moved on a lot from the humble beginnings. Nowadays, it is practically impossible to play the game without proper gear whether it is for safety reasons or enjoying the game overall. And an integral part of that gear is the best softball glove.

1. Wilson A360 Slow-pitch Softball Glove

The Wilson A360 Slowpitch gloves is one of the most versatile gloves and the best softball gloves available on Amazon. You can practically play all over the field because of the closed back and the V-Lace web. And the closure which can be adjusted easily along with overall comfort is the preferred choice of most players. The glove is durable and very well made owing to the genuine leather on the palm and web which ensures that it holds up well against hard usage. It is also big enough to fit most sizes of hands making it the one of the best mens softball glove.

2. Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Gloves

The Liberty Advanced Softball Gloves is a quality offering from Rawlings and one of the best softball gloves. The construct with opening for hand and adjustment for finger back is intended to accommodate a fastpitch player. The full grain leather along with high quality materials makes this glove a very durable one too. This glove also comes 80% broken-in from the factory itself which means that it requires minimal effort to make it game ready. The Poron XRD Palm and Index Finger Pads provide excellent protection along with control and ability to handle a fast one.

3. Mizuno Prospect Youth Fast-pitch Softball Catcher’s Mitt

The Mizuno Prospect Youth Fast-pitch Softball Catcher’s Mitt has been designed keeping the youth in mind and is definitely one of the best youth softball gloves out there. It comes with various technologies such as the patented PowerClose which enables the younger players to close the glove and catch the ball with much ease. The ParaShock pad for the palms ensures all that impact shock is absorbed effortlessly while providing great comfort and exceptional protection. And the Powerlock technology which utilizes the adjustable Velcro strap for the wrists makes sure each player gets a snug and customized fit.

4. Rawlings Players Youth Glove

This Softball glove from the Rawlings Players Youth Glove series is definitely one of the best youth softball glove for a young athlete. This glove is a versatile one as well because it can be used by players that are positioned just about anywhere in the field owing to its pliable Basket Web. The shell is also soft and flexible which ensures better control and makes closing easy. The adjustable strap made from Velcro along with Neo-flex back ensures customized fit and the soft lining on the inside adds some extra comfort. And the best part is that these gloves come 100% broken-in from the factory.

5. Miken KO Series Slow-pitch Pro H Web

If you are in the market for the best mens softball gloves then you definitely should look at the Miken KO Series Slow-pitch Gloves. The Pro H Web Pattern Fielding Glove caters to softball players of all skill levels. The shell which is made out of full-grain leather along with tanned laces makes it extremely soft and lightweight but durable at the same time. Miken also utilizes the Poron XRD technology here which drastically reduces the impact of the hard ball on the catchers hand making the experience practically sting-free.


A very important gear in any softball player’s arsenal is a glove that has been broken-in and fits well. And being in possession of a good glove will definitely have a telling effect on whether you achieve success on the softball field or not. The main aim of this article is to introduce you to the some of the best softball gloves available out there. And with the information we have shared hopefully you’ll make a worthy purchase.

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