5 Best Big Barrel Bats

The Youth Best Big Barrel bats are also known as Senior League Baseball bats and usually cater to youths that are aged about 8 to 13 year old. These bats are a stepping stone for many young players to a BBCOR baseball bat. And the main difference between a junior big barrel bat and a youth big barrel bat is the weight, while the former is used in Coach Pitched Leagues the latter is used in USA Baseball and USSSA approved leagues. These bats usually range from drop 5 to drop 12 in length to weight ratio and from 27 to 34 inches in length.

1. DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFX Big Barrel Baseball Bat

Definitely one bat to watch out for. The DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFX Big Barrel baseball bat is one of the best big barrel bats out there. It trumps a lot of other bats in the price segment however the quality is never compromised. The performance and feel of the barrel has been improved massively thanks to the 2 piece D-fusion handle. It uses the patented Thermo Fused Taper technology that just boosts the sweet spot while also reducing the negative feedback to the hand. And the Half and Half construction gives it a slight edge over competitors in terms of weight distribution and fine-tuning.

2. Marucci Cat7 (-10) Senior League Baseball Bat

When talking about the best youth big barrel baseball bats we just can’t miss out on the Marucci Cat7 Senior League baseball bat. You get a greater response rate and increased strength from the upgraded Az4x alloy construction. The traditional one-piece alloy design feels clean and more consistent on the swing. And with a sweet spot twice as large its predecessor it is definitely built to explode. It features the Av2 anti-vibration knob which includes a well tuned harmonic dampening system which ensures better overall feel and reduced negative feedback. Also the balance is improved greatly due to the thickness profile of the engineered barrel end wall meaning faster swing speeds.

3. Louisville Slugger Omaha 518(-10) 2018 USA Barrel Bat

The Louisville Slugger 2018 Omaha 518 Barrel Bat is a drop 10 bat with a barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inch and a 7/8 inch standard handle. It is a reasonably priced bat but the quality is there and is definitely the best big barrel bat to add to a young players arsenal. Also the balanced swing weight makes it perfect for contact hitters. The Omaha 518 is a one-piece alloy construction and it is made up of ST 7U1+ aluminium alloy which helps create a huge sweet spot on the barrel with a ‘hot out of the wrapper’ performance. And the brand new 2018 6-star premium performance end cap helps reduce unnecessary weight towards the end of the barrel and improves durability.

4. Easton S3 2 ¾” Barrel (-10) Senior League Baseball Bat

The Easton S3 2 ¾ Big Barrel baseball bat features a drop 10 length to weight ratio and 2 ¾ inch barrel diameter. The S3 is made out of the HMX or the Hyperlite Matrix alloy which gives it a huge sweet spot along with incredible trampoline like effect. It is a one-piece alloy design which gives the bat a traditional and stiff feel. And the new HYPERSKIN performance grip gives you great control and a perfect and balanced swing weight. This bat definitely is the best youth big barrel bat for the archetypal contact hitter.

5. Combat Maxum 2017 SL7MX112

Combat makes some great bats and probably the best youth big barrel baseball bats. And the Combat Maxum drop 12 senior league baseball bat which has a 2 5/8 inch barrel has about 20 to 40% larger sweet spot than most competition as per company sources. These bats are made up of one-piece composite design making the construction pretty seamless. The seamless construction makes it strong and durable all the way around. It also features the new lizard skin grip which gives maximum comfort at the plate as well as vibration reduction. Also the Precision Moulding technology ensures that there are no dead spots giving you a consistent performance.


There is a wide variety of amazing big barrel bats that are available today and certainly more choices than we ever had before. So whether you like crushing the ball over the fence or would just like to get something more out of your contact, we have reviewed the Top 5 youth big barrel bats that should meet your needs and expectations.

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