Top 5 Best Baseball Cleats

If you want to put your best foot forward in the sport of baseball, then you’re definitely going to need the best baseball cleats. A good shoe will not only give a player the required agility but also the comfort necessary to function efficiently. Whether you are running between bases or fielding the ball, a good cleat will definitely help you reach the peak of your performance when it matters.

1. Mizuno (MIZD9) Men’s 9-Spike Advanced Franchise 9 Molded Cleat-Low Baseball Shoe

Are you looking for the best molded baseball cleats? If yes, then the Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Franchise 9 Molded Cleat Baseball Shoe is worth considering. It is a very versatile shoe and it combines the 9-spike pattern with the lightweight comfortable feel of a trainer. The full-length mid sole provides heel to toe cushioning and the 9-spike technology gives you aggressive traction and a stable platform. It is constructed from a comfortable and breathable synthetic leather upper. The best part about this shoe is that it tailor-made for baseball because it provides controlled flex for baseball’s three primary movements : Running, Batting and Throwing.

2. Under Armour Leadoff Low RM Jr. Baseball Shoe

The Under Armour Leadoff Low RM Jr. Baseball cleats is one of the best molded baseball cleats out there. These cleats are engineered out of synthetic leather material and rubber which give the shoe a perfect combination of durability and protection. It features the classic low-top style design and the mesh tongue helps keep your feet dry by enhancing breathability. It comes with an abrasion resistant forefoot which gives you long-lasting durability around the toe area. And the full-length EVA midsole absorbs shocks and ensures comfort. Finally, these rubber molded cleats are ideal for play in all kinds of surfaces and provide great traction along with durability.

3. Adidas Performance PowerAlley 3 Baseball Shoe

Staying with the theme of the best baseball cleats, lets consider a fine option from Adidas that is the Performance PowerAlley 3 Baseball Shoe. This model is constructed from a steady synthetic upper and the breathable mesh tongue with perforations making sure the foot stays as dry as possible during the game. And it comes with a mid-cut collar to give you an added ankle protection. It features an Iron skin cap toe which gives the shoe some additional durability in the toe drag area. The interior fabric is made from breathable material which include a lot of padding and the EVA midsole makes the shoe really lightweight. And finally the durable outsole with metal spike configuration helps you keep steady around the base.

4. Nike Huranche 2KFilth Pro Baseball Cleat

The Nike Huranche 2KFilth Pro Baseball Cleat is definitely the best baseball cleats from the Nike line-up. The cleats are made from premium synthetic leather and TPU mesh upper. The mesh allow for your feet to breathe on the inside and the synthetic leather offer protection for your feet while you are playing. The foot-bed has a lot of padding and the lightweight Phylon midsole absorbs shocks and gives you a plenty of energy return. It features a geometric divots that prevent dirt from clinging on to the shoe due to the slick surface. Also, these shoes have metal spikes to keep you steadily on your feet.

5. New Balance L3000v3 Metal Baseball Shoe

If you’re considering the best baseball cleats in 2018 then the New L3000v3 Metal Baseball Shoe is definitely not going to disappoint you. And these are still a high selling product in the New Balance line-up. It is constructed out of the synthetic nubuck material and mesh and the debris free tongue construction avoids dirt from getting inside. The shoe features a comfort collar which is a uniquely constructed collar made from a very plush 3D foam mold which ensures maximum comfort around the foot. And other impressive features like the RevLite and FantomFit ensures that the shoe is incredibly light and fits just perfectly as well.


The ideal Baseball cleat will most definitely vary from player to player. And choosing one that is ideal for you can be like finding a needle in a haystack when you consider the amount of options that exists today. Whether you are a metal spike guy or prefer a molded cleat, we’ve made sure to go through the lot of them. And we’ve put forward a list a of the best 5 baseball cleats that are relevant in 2018.

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