Hi, I’m Steve from The Goodin' Sports. A former Sales Manager at Dick’s Sporting Goods and an avid baseball enthusiast. I’m also a father of two Collegiate level baseball playing boys. So you can probably tell that baseball runs deep in the family. I can vouch that buying the best equipment for a young player that fit the needs as well as pocket isn’t always easy. Although being employed at a sports store helped my case a bit. But I can imagine fathers being bogged down by sheer choice of brands and equipment’s available today. So one fine day an idea struck my mind, why not use my experiences over the years as a father and an employee and share it with others out there. My main motivation behind starting this page is to help baseball-loving fathers and aspiring sons and daughters to choose the best equipment out there that’ll make the game of baseball more enjoyable for them.

Who Are We?

Welcome to thegoodinsports.com, a blog about youth baseball and reviews of an array of baseball products. And at The Goodin' Sports,we really love the game of Baseball. We also understand that without the youth carrying forward the legacy, the game of baseball will cease to exist in the future. Hence we strive to equip our younger players with as much information about the game and various equipment’s in the game as possible. Each little information that we share and reviews of products that we put-up are done after an extensive analysis. When it comes to reviews, we consider various important criteria’s like real-life user reviews, both pros and cons of the products, their USP’s, etc. And to further simplify things for our viewers, we even make ‘lists of the best products’ which means you avoid going through hundreds of options before shortlisting a few. We’ve already done that for you. Our lists and reviews are totally unbiased so if you’re shopping with us, you always get a head start to the best products available out there.