5 Best Baseball Cleats: 2018 Mid Year Review

Baseball is the kind of sport which depends on how comfortable the sportsman is, always has and always will depend on this simple fact. Feet is where the allegiance of a baseball major lies. Cleats are your best friends when it comes to preparation, training and execution.

There’s always a difference between buying Baseball Cleats, using Baseball Cleats and maintaining them. Baseball shoes have always featured upgrades, and with the kind of information that floats around, it’s always hard to keep up. After trying out the latest offerings that are up and available in the market of 2018 we’ve now come up with a mid year review of the Top 10 Best Baseball Cleats of 2018. Let’s dive right in then…

DREAM PAIRS Men's 160860-M Cleats Football Soccer Shoes

What more does a baseball player wants, that the cleats he/she wears are durable, that they provide for swift movement between bases and while on field for making those wondrous catches. Dream Pair keeps in close consideration these simples needs.The premium DP Combination Uppers provide breathable comfort and requisite flexibility.

The Rubber Molded Cleats are made to accomodate Rotational Traction and running the expanse of the complete field is now a piece of cake for any sportsman with Dream Pairs. Fold over tongue helps to keep the lace intact and it is these small considerations which make these Cleats a player’s best mate. Chose this one for simple pleasures, that the game of Baseball can provide you with these shoes.

Mizuno Men's 9-Spike Franchise 7 Low Baseball Cleat

The right height, the right positioning, and the right design; that’s how you define Mizuno’s 9 Spike 7 Low Baseball Cleat. They have this breathable single piece, upper with porous EVA material which makes it really comfortable to use for long hours of practice and game.

The patented 9 spike positioning technique provides these cleats with some of the best movement advantages. Combined with the ‘Shoe Low’ range of 7mm this 9 spike arrangement helps not only to maintain the traction but to stand your ground as well. Pitching, Running and Catching; Mizuno Men’s 9 Spike Franchise is an all purpose Baseball Shoe set.

adidas Kids' Freak X Carbon Mid Baseball Shoe

Take a simple baseball shoe, start infusing it with technical innovations for each smallest move that a Baseball Savant needs and viola you’ve got Adidas Freak X Carbon Baseball Shoe. Inner sole and cushioning for enhanced lockdown helping one to move more firmly, Razor Frame design to support aerodynamic fluency, and abrasive resistant Ironskin for added ankle protection are all the features that only adidas can offer any seasoned professional.

One can look for adult variants on the website itself, but the kids versions have been tested to work better for the kind of usage dynamics Youth Baseball and Little League Baseball players pursue. Chose this for the most technically proficient option and the most optimized results.

New Balance Men's L3000v3 Metal Baseball Shoe

Some players prefer stiffness in Shoe Upper region and some prefer flexibility; the TPU Material of New Balance’s 3000 series ensures that the cleats have the right amount of stretch. Apart from the cleats positioning, the spike plate has been revamped to provide better grip and optimal ground contact to the players.

The midsole being carved out of a single piece of foam provides for a strengthened make and plush ride for the player by relieving excess pressure. Players can trust to have a good and long season with this Cleats set.

Under Armour Men's Boys' Leadoff Low RM Jr. Baseball Shoe

These are the lightest baseball cleats that you could find around. At 8.5 ounces only, these cleats make the player glide past the competition like our very own Babe Ruth. Synthetic Leather Upper provides the feel of a great step-in comfort, with enhanced durability.

Under Armour with its years of experience in making tactical gear and sports equipment, knows what various users specifically want . The breathable tongue and mesh make provide for a cool game compared to sweaty in-soles with substandard cushioning. Take these for the extremely light usage and best in class comfort.


It’s not about owning the best cleats that matters, it’s about maintaining them the best which makes all the difference. Many of us are usually lazy enough to wear our cleats to the game directly and not bother to wear sandals or complementary footwear for protecting the cleats when off pitch. That’s not at all acceptable. Many of us forget to clean our cleats after each usage, and that’s even more dregoratory when it comes to maintaining the longevity of both your feet and the cleats.

Only go for metal cleats if you’ve had enough practice with rubber molded ones on ground, because as much as they can help you with the best traction they’ve been known to cause some of the most serious injuries as well. Try turf shoes only for your training regimes and try to look for specialized options based on what position you hold on field.

It helps a lot to know your shoes as much as you know your game. Keep watching this space for more details about how to pick your perfect Baseball and other Sporting Gear. Periodic reviews are lined up for more fitness and other consumer products.

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