Team TGiS!

These are some of the wonderfully talented and dedicated people that make The Good in Sports, INC. such a success. Want to become a part of this amazing and growing team? Send us your resume! We always have openings for writing and marketing interns!

  • Joe Chapman, Editor in Chief
  • Sam Sankovich, Vice President & Managing Editor
  • Andy Clendennen, Deputy Managing Editor and Senior Writer
  • Tim Farmer, Senior Writer
  • Joseph Luchok, Senior Writer
  • Brian “Coach” Hawn, Writer and Executive Producer
  • Ernie “ErnDogg” Reppe, Writer and Executive Producer
  • Jessica Chapman, Director of Special Projects
  • Meredith Matthews, Director of Marketing and Recruitment
  • Dale Jackson, Chief Information Officer/Website
  • Ryan Wiggins,¬†Director of Media & Public Relations
  • Alexis Lambert,¬†General Counsel/Staff Attorney