So, let’s go ahead and answer your first question; It doesn’t cost you a thing to become a member of TGiS! That’s right, it’s FREE! Ok, I hear what you’re saying; If it’s free, then what’s in it for you, right? For one, we’re a non-profit, so what we can give you for your membership and support is limited; however, we can give you:

  • Exclusive opportunities for contests, prizes and give-a-ways. We’re always giving away cool stuff like hats, shirts, autographed books, and more. Now, that’s only for members!<—–the big one!
  • Membership to our quarterly newsletter providing you with updates on what’s currently happening behind the scenes at TGiS.
  • Membership to our periodic “Motivate & Inspire” email, which sends you a motivational and inspirational quote and blurb.
  • Exclusive access to interviews with professional athletes on what they’re doing off the field and in the community.
  • Exclusive access to discounts with various retailers as they arise.
  • Opportunities to participate in “Member’s Moments,” highlighting your favorite personal sports-related stories on the website.
  • Opportunities to participate/serve on local advisory councils, helping provide direction to our philanthropic arm.
  • More opportunities as they arise, as we will always be looking for ways to reward our members!

Becoming a member of TGiS states that you believe in focusing on the great things that athletes, coaches and teams do in the community, while promoting positive role models for our youth. It also states that you believe in our philanthropic mission of making a difference in the community via projects like collecting and donating soccer balls to underprivileged kids in Nicaragua, or helping a child with Down Syndrome attend a special event with the Atlanta Braves.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the cool club!

Note: Rest assured, in this day and age of schemers, scammers and spammers, your info will never be distributed.