#IAMTGIS, also known as, “I am the good in sports,” is a social media initiative and tagline for The Good in Sports, Inc. #IAMTGIS means that you are a part of what makes sports good. It means that you make an effort to use your status as an athlete or coach to make a positive difference whenever the opportunity arises. It means that you understand that people look up to you (classmates, friends, community members, etc.) and that you strive to be a role model both on and off the field/court/rink, etc.

Do you know of a coach or athlete in your community that lives by this philosophy? If so, email us and tell us his or her story – we may just send them a free #IAMTGIS t-shirt!

#IAMTGIS, are you?

Note: By signing the pledge below, you are simply stating that you will strive to be a positive role model both on and off the field. There is no monetary obligation (it’s FREE). It’s simply a statement of action. Also, random signers are chosen for #IAMTGIS T-Shirts and other prizes. Whether you are the first to sign, or the last, you have the same chance of winning each drawing.

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