Roberto Clemente, Jr. Interview

Roberto Clemente, Jr., Roberto Clemente, MLB, Puerto RicoRoberto Clemente is one of the most celebrated baseball players in Major League Baseball history.  He was the first Latin America player to obtain 3,000 hits and be elected the Hall of Fame.  His life ended much too early while delivering earthquake relief supplies to Nicaragua on December 31, 1972.

Roberto Clemente, Jr. is now 47 and resides in Houston, Texas.  He was quite the athlete himself, although injuries cut his baseball career short. Throughout his life he has worked with his mom, Vera, to continue his father’s legacy as well as start one of his own.

He still speaks highly of his time in Pittsburgh and thinks the Pirates are on the right track to end their consecutive losing season streak.

I had the opportunity to speak with Roberto, you can listen to the audio here.

A big thank you to Roberto for taking time out of his schedule to speak with The Good In Sports.


  1. brent cox says:

    thanks to the Clemente family for continuing the legacy of Roberto Clemente. he has inspired 1000s and you have too

  2. Laura Solazzo says:

    this is a great interview, Sam! Thanks for sharing great insight on the Clemente legacy!

  3. Thank you both for the nice comments, always appreciated.

  4. Mike Sankovich says:

    Particularly enjoyed the background of the 3000th hit photo. It’s my favorite of all pictures of “The Great One”. There had to be a little luck invovled for the photographer to capture that moment.

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