Class in session: Tebow responds

Recently, an unnamed defensive player for the New York Jets referred to back-up quarterback and fellow teammate, Tim Tebow, as “terrible.” Others were equally unsupportive. Of course, that’s exactly what the New York Daily News was hoping for when they questioned over a dozen players and others within the organization. They wanted a “good” headline and that’s what they got:

 ”NY Jet teammates rip backup Tim Tebow, believe ‘terrible’ quarterback hasn’t improved.”

Let’s face it, that’s what sells papers.

However, while gone are the days of Tebow tossing game-winning touchdows and plowing over helpless defensive backs on his way to two national championships and a Heisman trophy with the Florida Gators, one constant remains; his character. No matter what his doubters or the mainstream media throw at him, he always responds the same way; with class. Said Tebow of the comments:

“This is something I can’t control. I can control my attitude, my effort and my work ethic. Those are things that will never change based on what anybody says.”

He continued to say:

“I’ve had criticism somewhat my whole life playing football. You got to do your best at handling it. On one side, you try to make it motivate you. But at the same time, it always has somewhat of an effect on you. You’re human. It’s not always fun having people saying negative things about you, but you try to be stronger from it. It always has made me stronger in the past and it will continue to make me stronger.”

It’s no surprise that when the opportunity arose to go down the path of animosity and anger, Tebow took the high road. That’s what we’ve come to expect of him. And that’s why he’s Tim Tebow.

Kudos to Tim  for continuing to be a role model for the younger generation. If you’re giving it your all and facing criticism and adversity left and right, like Tim said, let it make you stronger.

No matter what anyone says.

Your thoughts or comments?