Perspective: A good lesson

Perspective. It’s a word not often heard in today’s world of sports, unless it’s paired with “lack of.”

Thankfully, St. Clairsville (Ohio) High School recently gave us a very good lesson on perspective.

Two days before the team’s October 5 game against Edison High School, freshman Logan Thompson’s father died of a sudden stroke. Ever the gamer, Logan told his coaches that he was still going to suit up for that week’s game.

So St. Clairsville coach Brett McLean put a plan in motion to give the freshman – who starts on the freshman team but rarely saw action at varsity – a chance to have something good happen out of an otherwise unfathomable experience.

The plan was simple – let the kid score. So, without letting Thompson know, McLean told his team that if any one of them got close to the end zone, they should step out of bounds or take a knee to give him a chance.

So what happened? A sweep called for Michigan recruit Michael Ferns resulted in a 52-yard gallop, unimpeded, to the end zone. But at the 1-yard line, he stepped out of bounds – confusing everyone in the stands, the opposing team, and even the officials who were signaling for a touchdown.

After the players argued AGAINST a touchdown, the officials relented and spotted the ball at the 1.

And in went Thompson, who had never lined up at running back for the varsity in any situation – practice or otherwise. The play call was simple. Follow Ferns.

He did, and scored, helping St. Clairsville to the 56-27 win. But the score doesn’t matter. What matters is that word: Perspective.

Logan Thompson has it, and he shared it via Twitter after the game: “Looking straight up into the sky after scoring my first varsity touchdown…i know the old man was watching! love and miss you so much daddy.”

Thank you, Logan Thompson, Brett McLean, Michael Kerns and the rest of the St. Clairsville varsity football team for giving us a lesson none of us should ever forget.

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