Jon Gulbransen Interview

So you want to a be a Major League Baseball player … have you ever sat down to really think about how much time, effort, perseverance and motivation it takes?

Imagine making $800.00 a month during the season.

Imagine having to find a full-time job during the off-season to make ends meet.

Imagine working full-time while somehow finding the time to continually work at being a better professional baseball player.

Meet Jon Gulbransen.

Jon is a pitcher for the Gary SouthShore RailCats.  The RailCats are in the Independent League, not affiliated with any MLB team.  The stories Jon shared with me through emails painted a picture I have not heard from a professional athlete.  His story is spectacular and really shows how hard one has to work to make it big as a professional athlete.

Please click here for the complete audio of our conversation.

The Good in Sports wishes Jon the best of luck in living out his dream as a Major League Baseball player.  We thank him for taking time to tell us his story.

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