Could the NBA return to Seattle?

In 2008, the Seattle SuperSonics left the upper-northwest and headed a long way south to Oklahoma City.  Except for a few gratuitous mentions of Seattle during this past season’s NBA Finals, the memory of those SuperSonics is only by Seattle residents.

Seattle is one of the best sports towns in America.  Unfortunately, with the exception of Frasier, Starbucks and rain there is not much else mentioned.  The best example of Seattle being a sports town is the Seahawks.  Crowds at their games have caused earthquakes.

But, a love they have never given up is that of their basketball team.  There has been a lot done to try and keep the Sonics name in the conscience of basketball fans and now it appears real progress is about to be made.

Investor, Chris Hansen, has been instrumental in voicing his desire to bring Seattle an NBA team.  Yesterday, Hansen’s investment group completed a purchase of land worth $8 million.  Along with many other purchases Hansen and his group have made, it is believed they have the necessary land needed to start their next significant development which, includes a basketball arena.  More can be read about this story here.

The official reason for the Sonics leaving is because the arena was not sufficient and the city could not get the arena renovated, or a new one built in a timely or cost-efficient manner for the new ownership group.  Now that plans are being put into motion to get a stadium built, how long will it be until a team moves back to Seattle?

While it would be a shame for any city to lose an NBA team, the idea of Seattle once again having a basketball team would excite fans around the league.  Loyal fans deserve a home team to cheer.

And, doesn’t the team have to be called the SuperSonics?

The Good in Sports wishes Mr. Hansen the best of luck in his endeavors and attracting an NBA team to Seattle.

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