Our fav tweeters: @FootballTweets3

Social media rules the world, so we figured we’d start highlighting some of the Tweeters that we enjoying following because, while it may sound a bit narcissistic, we think you might enjoy following them, too. Of course, the one caveat is that we’re not responsible for any of the content found on their timelines – we follow them because, from what we’ve seen, they’re generally positive and upbeat and tweet-out content we tend to enjoy.

This installment’s highlight goes to @FootballTweets3, AKA “Football is Life.” For an account made in just February of this year, this guy is killing it; growing a following pushing 40K (as of this writing). Let’s face it, you don’t grow a follower base this big unless you’re tweeting out some content that people enjoy reading. For this high school football player that has a special passion for the sport, #footballislife!

When we asked him why he created the account, he stated he did it “to find other people that are dedicated and love this sport as much as me.” You gotta love him for that and let’s not forget the fact that some of his tweets are just flat-out funny. Tweets like, “The smell of your hands when you take off your gloves,” and “When a girl likes Football, don’t expect her to understand it as much as we do. She’s not on the field with us, she’s in the stands,” are sure to give you a chuckle.

For his passion and love for the game, we give @FootballTweets3 a thumbs up. He lives by the motto, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” But, in the Twitterverse, he’s quickly becoming a big dog. In the end, he’s definitely worth checking out. “I never knew that this account would blow up like this,” he said. Well, here’s to continued growth to our new friend.

Your thoughts or comments?