Our Fav Tweeters: Alan Stein

Social media rules the world, so we figured we’d start highlighting some of the Tweeters that we enjoying following because, while it may sound a bit narcissistic, we think you might enjoy following them, too. Of course, the one caveat is that we’re not responsible for any of the content found on their timelines – we follow them because, from what we’ve seen, they’re generally positive and upbeat and tweet-out content we tend to enjoy.

This installment’s highlight goes to @AlanStein, a professional basketball strength and conditioning coach who is a performance consultant for Nike Basketball, as well as the head conditioning coach for the annual Jordan Brand All American Classic, the Chris Paul Elite Backcourt Camp and the Nike Summer Skills Academies.

While Alan is the owner of Stronger Team, LLC and markets a number of professional level services, he’s not a blatant self-marketer (which deserves kudos in and of itself) and his tweets combine a nice mixture of motivational posts, as well as informational tweets on basketball-specific strength and conditioning tips.

I know you’re probably saying, “So how do we know that this guy knows what he’s talking about?” Well, if his background isn’t enough to convince you, NBA superstar Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder said, “Coach Stein helped me gain nearly 20 pounds my senior year at Montrose. The added size and strength made me a better player on the court and helped me make the transition from high school to college. His program is outstanding.” I think that’s good enough for me, how about you?

However, while it’s good to know that a well-respected professional is on Twitter giving out tips, what separates Alan is his accessibility;  he is always conversing with his followers, taking time to answer questions via twitter and email.

So, why does he do it? Why does he take the time? “My goal is to impact as many players and coaches around the world as possible,” Alan told TGiS.

You gotta respect him for that. If you’re a hooper, we think it’s a no brainer to check out @AlanStein and give him a follow. He’s a wealth of information and we think you’ll be glad you did.

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