John Axford’s Media Letter

I am a huge Cincinnati Reds fan and, in general, have enjoyed the little rivalry they have had with the Milwaukee Brewers of late.  With that said, I am quickly becoming a huge John Axford fan, as well.

Last season, I began to follow Axford on Twitter. He is a self-proclaimed mustache and film aficionado (according to his Twitter bio) and doesn’t have a problem interacting with people, especially the media.

Some of you may know that John’s wife, Nicole,  is pregnant with their second child and if you follow baseball, you’d also know that John had a bit of a saves streak going. Well, last week, the streak of 49 straight saves came to an end. After the game, his wife went into labor and he couldn’t hang around to discuss the ending of the streak with reporters, so he left them a “love letter,” which we thought you would enjoy:

His recent tweet gives an update about his wife.

People keep asking…so I’ll let you know…the doctors stopped the pre-mature labor. Our son is due June 28th, so he needs to stay put!

Here’s to hoping John starts a new saves streak and continues to be a media darling!


  1. Sam Sankovich says:

    Love this story, good work.

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