Mars Canada Builds Hockey Rink

Canada – Grand Manan Island is the biggest island in the Bay Of Fundy, located in the Maritimes of Canada. Grand Manan is home to a community of 2,340 people who base their livelihood on the lobster industry. In 2008, when the economic recession wiped out the majority of businesses in the United States and Canada, the community of Grand Manan felt the impact, as other provinces were no longer able to buy lobster. Almost four years later, Grand Manan has somewhat recovered from the recession, as the lobster industry continues to be the community’s main revenue source.

Since the 1930s, the residents of Grand Manan have been trying to figure out away to afford building a hockey rink, for everyone; from small children to the oldest members of the community, who are close to 100 years old. In 2010, community council members submitted a story to Hockey New Brunswick to see if they could receive funding for a hockey arena. However, instead of funding the arena, Hockey New Brunswick submitted Grand Manan’s request and the story about the community recovering from the recession, to Hockey Canada. Hockey Canada, then submitted the story to Mars Canada, the leading company for chocolate bars and community awareness.

After hearing about how Grand Manan was deeply affected by the 2008 economic recession, and how the community bonded to bounce back, Mars elected to provide the funding necessary for a community rink. The two-year-old arena was built in 2010 and provides children of all ages with the opportunity to play organized hockey and public skate. In other words, thanks to their charitable donation, Mars Canada helped the community of Grand Manan make their dream come true of having their own hockey arena. Present day, there is an organized hockey league and the first public skating event each year draws in a huge crowd.

On behalf of The Good In Sports, I’d just like to say I hope the next future NHL star comes from Grand Manan, New Brunswick.

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